2022 NFL Draft: Matthew Stafford, Jamal Adams and other deals involving first-round picks revisited

There are over two months left until the 2022 NFL Draft and six first-round picks have already been traded. CBSSports.com revisits each of those deals and explores how they’ve been executed so far.

#7 overall: Bears Across Giants

The Giants had No. 20 (Kadarius Toney) and 164 overall in 2021; No. 7 overall and 4 selection round in 2022
Bears finished 11th overall in 2021 (Justin Fields)

Tony played in nine games due to New York’s crime against anemia. He’s shown flashes of his potential and fans are hoping new coach Brian Dabol can unlock it full time. The Giants have a second pick inside the top ten as a result of trade and should be in a position to take a defensive or offensive line player.

If Fields can find success and become the franchise quarterback that Chicago had hoped for when choosing to trade, the Bears will emerge as winners in this trade, especially if Daniel Jones continues to be disappointed in the Big Apple. There is no alternative to playing an elite quarterback.

No. 10 overall: Airplanes via Seahawks

Bradley McDougald safety planes No. 23 and 86 in 2021; No. 10 overall in 2022
Seahawks receive safety Jamal Adams, fourth round in 2022

MacDougald spent one season with The Jets. He recently spent the 2021 season with Tennessee and Jacksonville. New York used the 23rd overall to move up and took USC insider Alijah Vera-Tucker 14th overall. As part of this deal, General Manager Joe Douglas sent the number 66 and 86 overall to Minnesota in exchange for the number 143 overall and the selection that resulted in Vera-Tucker.

If Seattle had the opportunity to go back in time, most believed, wisely, that the franchise would not make this trade a second time. The Seahawks doubled down by giving Adams a four-year contract extension worth a maximum of $70 million. He failed to score a Kiss in 2021 after scoring a 9.5 the year before. He has posted his first two objections since 2019.

#15 overall: eagles through dolphins

Dolphins got 6 (Jaylen Waddle) and 156 overall in 2021
The Eagles took No. 12 and 123 (Zech McPhearson) in 2021; No. 15 overall in 2022

Waddle broke Anquan Boldin’s record in receptions by a rookie. His 104 capture rate was eighth in the league standings. It also finished 25th in the first place to receive yards and receive landings. The other selection was involved in a separate trade.

Philadelphia used the #12 overall pick as a springboard to move up two points for the right to pick a wide receiver at Alabama DeVonta Smith. In the process, they jumped on their rival Giants, who fell back again to take Tony. Smith had a great novice campaign posting 64 receptions for 916 yards and five touchdowns. Macpherson appeared in all but one of the matches, recording 16 passes and one pass.

Trade was and remains a home race for vultures. They made the top 15 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft while falling six places and still have an excellent pass catcher.

No. 16 overall: Eagles via Colts

The Ponies throw quarterback Carson Wentz
The Eagles ranked 84th overall in 2021 and 16th overall in 2022

It was a roller coaster ride of the season in Indianapolis. After starting with three defeats in a row, the Colts won nine of their 12 games before losing the last two, including one to the No. 1 overall pick owner. Wentz bore much of the blame for the way the season ended. He’s been responsible for some catastrophic transformations and the Colts’ aspirations are too big to count on his play. There has already been a lot of smoke the franchise may go through this season. Public property comments did nothing to put out the fire that created said smoke.

Philadelphia traded last year in the third round from Indianapolis to Dallas. Wentz’s commercial net is third of the Eagles’ three first-round picks. The terms of the trade originally stipulated that Indianapolis would send a second-round pick to Philadelphia in exchange for Wentz, but it would become a first-round pick if the quarterback plays in at least 75% of the team’s offensive picks.

#29 overall: Dolphins via 49ers

49ers finished third (Trey Lance) in 2021
Dolphins took 12th place overall in 2021; 29th overall in 2022, third-round pick in 2022; The first selection round in 2023

Lance has played in only six games this season. It was basically Jimmy Garoppolo’s insurance policy, but the keys to the kingdom should be Lance’s going forward. There’s a complex debate that has to rage over whether San Francisco should use its first-round pick on a non-quarterback player considering it advanced to the NFC Championship game for the second time in three years with Garoppolo.

Soon after completing the trade, Miami moved up six positions in a separate trade listed above.

#32 overall: black across rams

Lions receive quarterback Jared Goff, 101st overall (Ifeatu Melifonwu) in 2021; 32 overall in 2022; The first selection round in 2023
Ramez receives quarterback Matthew Stafford

Gauff missed three games and played substitution level football when he was on the field. Detroit could do more to encircle him with a talent of skill but its lift may never make it to the penthouse with the former No. 1 public pick below center. With that being said, the Lions could have done worse and many franchises did in 2021. With General Manager Brad Holmes rebuilding this franchise, it would not be complete without a midfielder who inspires confidence for the future.

Melifonwu appeared in seven crowd games with 15 tackles, two stuttering recoveries and three passing deflections.

Although there were moments during the season when it seemed as though L.A.’s aggressiveness wouldn’t pay off, the Rams were able to complete their mission by winning the Super Bowl. Stafford played at a level worthy of consideration as an occasional MVP. If the team failed, General Manager Les Snead’s willingness to compromise on long-term goals for a short-term bonus would have faced criticism. As it paid off with a Super Bowl victory, Snead’s decision-making process has been validated and may entice more teams to follow a similar strategy in the future.