2022 NFL roster rankings for all 32 teams

A wild season full of surprise trades shook the lists of candidates from coast to coast. The squads of both Super Bowl participants lost some key items; Consequently, neither the World Champion Los Angeles Rams nor the AFC Champion the Cincinnati Bengals topped the Pro Football Focus 2022 annual rankings.

Where do rams and bengals rank? Which team made it to #1? What teams are ready to pounce, and which ones look like they will fall by the wayside?

With the 2022 Draft and Free Agency behind us, we’re breaking down each team’s roster using the PFF database, with a focus on prospective starters. We looked at both PFF scores from the 2021 season – a number listed for each projected start – and a more comprehensive assessment of each player’s career using both PFF scores and stats.

  • Pro Football Focus scores over 90 are considered elite, 80-89.9 is good/high quality, 70-79.9 scoring is average and 69.9 or less is considered below average.

  • For starters and inactive (or barely active) players in 2021, we used college or NFL scores from previous seasons. NFL scores from 2020 or earlier are marked with

College grades from 2021 are marked with (**), and college grades from 2020 or earlier are marked with (***).

Here’s how the 32 lists stack up as this season begins, complete with the biggest strengths, weaknesses, and X-factors in each lineup.
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sea ​​| terabyte | ten | WSH biggest strength:

The only two players to have a higher PFF score than Josh Allen over the past two seasons are Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Physical tools were always there, but Allen managed to add to the accuracy he lost during his first few years in the league. Allen’s development is the main reason the Bills entered the 2022 season as Super Bowl favourite, although General Manager Brandon Beane and the rest of this front office deserve credit for building a complete roster. biggest weakness:

The right side of Buffalo’s offensive line has some potential with Ryan Bates and Spencer Brown, but neither of them have much experience. Bates had a 64.4-score PFF in five starts in the left guard in 2021 — his first season with over 100 offensive shots — and Brown exited last year’s junior season with a 59.3 pass-blocking PFF of 846 offensive shots. The bills depend on these two things growing together on the right side, but it can be a weakness. The X Factor for 2022: