2022 Women’s NCAA Tournament predictions, odds, picks: Experts reveal Saturday parlay that returns almost 6-1

Parity in the women’s game is growing, so Saturday’s first round matches in the 2022 NCAA Women’s Championship could feature several significant disruptions. Since the tournament’s inception in 1982, 87 of the 156 top-ranked (55.7 percent) have reached the Final Four, and at least two have made it to 33 out of 39 competitions. But this year, teams like sixth seed Kentucky, 11th seed Princeton, and 12th seed Stephen F Austin could make some noise. The United Kingdom, who defeated South Carolina to win the SEC title, face Princeton, which is allowing less than 51 points per game in one of 16 first-round matches on Saturday.

There is value to be found in these matches, and the return can be even greater if you combine these teams into an investment. Before entering any 2022 NCAA Women’s Championship bets or women’s college basketball shows, you need to check out women’s college basketball predictions and betting tips from SportsLine experts Calvin Wetzel and Aaron Barzilay.

Barzilai is a Ph.D. from Stanford who served as director of basketball analytics for the Philadelphia 76ers. Five years ago, he founded HerHoopStats.com – a leading website that reveals insights into the women’s game. Wetzel, the site’s lead betting writer, combines his athletic background and solid knowledge of women’s NCAA hoops to turn the site’s prediction model into picks.

Barzilai and Wetzel got off to a fast start with SportsLine as they led 13-7 in their first 20 picks. Currently, they are 559-408 overall (+113.80 units, +12.99 percent) in the 2021-22 women’s college basketball season.

Now, Barzilai and Wetzel have revised the schedule to find value and come up with the best bets for Saturday’s matches. Investing these three selections for the 2022 NCAA Women’s Championship would pay nearly 6-1. You can only see the selections in SportsLine.

Saturday’s Best NCAA Women’s Championship

One leg of the show they think is a no-brainer: UConn will cover a 29.5-point lead against Mercer (1pm ET). Husky have won their past eight games averaging over 40 points, and that was against more intense competition than the Bears would offer. Mercer won the Southern Conference by defeating Foreman 73-54, but the 11-time NCAA champion Huskis defeated second seed Villanova 70-40 in the Big East Final.

The Paige Bakers, the reigning National Player of the Year, missed two months with a knee injury, but she and the huskies are healthy and clicking. In fact, since Bueckers’ return, “UConn has been in automatic betting mode,” experts say. The star goalkeeper averages 14.3 points, 4.5 assists and 4.2 rebounds for the fifth-ranked Husky, who average 9.3 shots and 4.7 blocked shots per game. The student, Azzi Fad, pays 43.7 percent of the 3-point range.

How to Make NCAA Women’s Championship Predictions, Handouts for Saturday

Barzilai and Wetzel closed in on two more spread picks they love for Saturday, supporting two tournament-tested underdog teams. You can only get their picks in SportsLine.

What college basketball teams should you target in a three-way game in the first round games of the NCAA Women’s Championship on Saturday? Who are the underdogs who must have their backs? Visit SportsLine now to watch Saturday’s top NCAA Women’s 3-Way Tournament, all from the 559-408 featured experts in their women’s college basketball selections, and find out.