3D probability if Detroit gets the 1st 2nd round pick

The Detroit Pistons are hoping for a Top 3 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, but it’s also possible they’ll add a second player first.

The Pistons have to decide on a Grammy Grant, and if they decide to trade it, they may end up picking another lottery with their choice.

Portland is rumored to have addressed Rumors, which makes sense, as they will try to reload around Damien Lillard and have two options in this year’s draft (as long as the pick they deserve from New Orleans doesn’t fall into the top four). Grant and Lillard are also friends after playing together on Team USA.

For now, the Blazers will have the sixth and twelfth options in the 2022 NBA Draft, although that obviously could change depending on the table tennis balls in the lottery.

Even if the Pistons don’t trade Grant, they can still make another first-round pick by using their cap space to accommodate the contract and help facilitate a three-way trade in exchange for the pick.

So let’s say Detroit ends up picking the second first round somewhere in the 12-15 range. What will they do with it?

Detroit Pistons Project: Possibility in the mold of Troy Weaver

A player we haven’t heard much about is LSU’s combo striker Tari Eason, who jumped on the draft boards after an outstanding second season.

The 6-foot-8 striker can do a little bit of everything and is already very good defensively, with great height and sportsmanship that allow him to defend four points. It averages over a block per game and also adds close to two steals.

He does a lot of raucous plays and is the kind of hard-working, hard-working player that Troy Weaver seems to desire.

For me you can never have enough versatile wingspan and Eason Pistons will give another man of great size and strength who can defend all over the ground and do play.

This distinction shows a lot of what Eason brings, as he seeks to hunt down Auburn’s Jabari Smith, obtains the robbery and then sends it back the other way for the end.

In the next two theaters, you’ll see him enter the passing fairway for a heist, and also catch one in traffic, both taking coast-to-coast for dunking.

Eason is very good at getting to the edge and can be a transitional force once he goes downhill.

He also shot 36 percent in 2.4 attempts per game from a 3-point range and looks very comfortable on the periphery. He’s never quite the spotlight but he’s plotting as a man who will be able to pin the third corner, clear shovels and break fast and keep the ball moving down the half with clever passes.

His 3-point shot has improved dramatically after moving from Cincinnati to LSU and should continue to improve with more reps and better spacing.

I know a lot of fans want the Detroit Pistons to get another big guy, but if they end up trading Grant or getting another first-round pick, a guy like Eason would be a good fit, taking on tough defensive tasks, bringing energy off the bench. And potentially replacing some of Grant’s peripheral defense.

The Pistons will be a busy off-season team and it will be interesting to see what types of players they target if they get a second lottery pick.