9 classic Pixar Easter eggs in “Turning Red” (and one missing)

Although Turning Red is grouped with a new era of Pixar for outstanding animation and dedication to diversity and real-life issues, the film – being a Pixar film – continues with the animation studio’s commitment to Easter eggs. While the filmmakers, of course, sprinkled their usual A113, Pizza Planet truck and Luxo ball, they also nodded to old and new Pixar creations.

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And while they’ve done a great job of sneaking into these little classic references, the film is sadly missing one of Pixar’s most popular Easter eggs – one they’ve included in almost every movie since. The story of toys.

Pizza Planet truck

The Pizza Planet truck turns red

Although it started as a comic mode of transportation for Woody and Buzz to get to Pizza Planet The story of toys, The Pizza Planet truck was a staple of Pixar movies, appearing in all but one The Incredibles.

The Pizza Planet truck can be easily found in turning red parked on the street during a scene in which Mei runs home from school after turning into a red panda.


Bao references.

Bao turning red

Pixar short film from 2018 Bag has several references in turning red and for good reason. Bag and Turning Red shares a director – Domee Shi – who became the first Asian-Chinese woman to direct a Pixar film.

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Not only does the film have the same dumplings as the short film, but Bag he receives a direct shout through a sign of a restaurant hanging in the distance that reads “Bao Restaurant”, written in the same font as the short.

“Year of Light” reference.

Light Year Turning Red

For years, Pixar has been nodding to their next release in current releases; something that has since become a tradition for the animation studio. But this Easter egg has been more difficult to spot in recent years, with viewers sometimes not knowing exactly what the Easter egg of a future movie is all about.

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But the Easter egg for 2022 Light year it was pretty easy to find this time. On Miriam’s sticker skateboard, there’s simply a Star Command emblem sticker, a clear nod to Buzz Lightyear.

Luxury ball

Pixar Luxo ball in red

The Luxo Ball – more commonly known as the “Pixar Ball” – is another Easter egg that appeared in every Pixar movie after it appeared in the Pixar short film. Luxury Jr., and since then it has become a symbol of the animation studio.

While filmmakers have made watching this yellow, blue, and red ball more difficult in recent films, this time the ball is presented in one quick scene, floating in the pool at Tyler’s birthday party.


A113 turning red

This letter-number combination marked Pixar’s classroom at the California Institute of the Arts, which they then decided to nod. The story of toys, has since become Pixar’s most famous Easter egg in every movie.

But since their self is masked, you’ll have to wait until the end of the movie to find it. Pixar hides classroom number in final credits turning red plastered on a 4 * Town concert ticket.

Sid’s skull


Turning Red presents several The story of toys references, of course, because Domee Shi confirms that the film takes place in the same universe as Andy’s.

A visible nod The story of toys was Miriam’s skateboard, which has the same skull logo as the one on Sid Phillips’ T-shirt he wears in the first and third The story of toys movies (as well as his cameo in Coco).

Stickers with Pixar characters

Rainbow Unicorn and Nemo Become Red

Pixar has become more and more creative with the way other Pixar characters are introduced in their movies. Into the turning red I do this in the form of stickers.

On Mei’s flip phone, a Rainbow Unicorn sticker from Inside out is displayed, while a cute, blue sticker with Nemo from Finding Nemo can be seen on a school locker.

Pixar short references

Pixar shorts in red

Due to the popularity of Pixar short films in recent years, Pixar animators have also nodded at their short films in their films. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll catch Geri’s game chess player in Toy Story 2, Tinny din Tin toy into the Toy Story 4, and more.

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Into the turning red you can see a toy of Purl from the 2018 short film of the same name in Mei’s room. Mei also has a sticker with the bunny from the 2020 short film burrow on her notebook.

Blue Jays Double Easter Egg

Blue Jay In Red

Towards the end of the film, when he shows that the destroyed Sky Dome is being rebuilt after the infamous “Pandapocolypse”, a small blue ice is perched on a fence.

This blue ice appears as a double Easter egg, not just a nod to the Toronto Blue Jays (where the movie takes place), but this exact bird can also be found in an episode of the Pixar movie. Excavated days on Disney +.

Well John Ratzenberger

Hamm in the toy story

One, the classic Easter egg you won’t find Turning Red This is the voice of Pixar legend John Ratzenberger. After giving Hamm his voice The story of toys (as well as its three sequels), Ratzenbeger was considered Pixar’s lucky hook, appearing in every movie that followed.

But in recent years, Ratzenberger has had no voice roles in Pixar movies and only his resemblance was used in the 2020s. Soul instead of his famous voice.

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