A Look at How Much Eligibility Every Ohio State Scholarship Player Has Entering the 2022 Season

It has never been difficult to keep track of how many years of eligibility each college football player has left.

Since the NCAA gave all players a free year of eligibility in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no longer as simple as calling out players big and small, sophomores and freshmen — or at least it won’t be for a few more years.

While last year’s freshman and freshman class only had four traditional years of college eligibility (plus a graduation year), there will be many “seniors” playing their fifth year of eligibility again in 2022 while non-seniors Juniors and sophomores in the Red Entry program still have the extra year of eligibility in their back pockets.

This can make it confusing to keep up with how much eligibility is left for each Ohio player, so to prevent you from having to use a calculator and do the math yourself, we’ve gone through the full list of Ohio Players Scholarships – which currently has 91 players, although It should be lowered to 85 before the start of the season – and categorize all these players by the number of years of eligibility remaining for each of them.

Seniors in final year of eligibility (5)

T mitch russian
DT Jeron Cage
LB Tiradja Mitchell
Tanner McAllister
K Noah Ruggles

If super seniors do not count against the scholarship limit as they were not counted last year, Ohio State will only be one player over the limit. Cage, McCalister, Mitchell, Rossi and Ruggles were all seniors playing their fourth year in college football in 2021, but each chose to use their extra eligibility year to play another college season, with McCalister moving to Ohio State. To play one season with the Buckeyes after already playing four seasons at Oklahoma State.

Cage, Rossi, and Ruggles (who moved to Ohio State from North Carolina last year) are all in their sixth year of college football after being late for kindergarten in 2017, while McAllister and Mitchell are fifth-year seniors and haven’t They wear red shirts.

Redshirt seniors with two more years of eligibility (9)

WR Kamryn Babb
OL Matt Jones
D Tyler Friday
de jafonte jean baptiste
DT Taron Vincent
LB Palaie Gaoteote
CB Cameron Brown
Marcus Hooker
S Josh Proctor

All nine of these players were members of the 2018 enlistment class and are now fifth year seniors, yet they still have two seasons of eligibility left thanks to the free eligibility year everyone got last season.

Babb, Hooker, Jean-Baptiste, and Jones all earned red jerseys as freshmen, Vincent was late in 2019, Brown and Gaoteote (who was at USC at the time) had their brilliance in 2020 and Friday, while he was late Proctor last season due to season-ending injuries. Because of those, all of them were eligible to play this year even without the additional year of eligibility, but now they will also have the option to play another season as the Sixth Seniors in 2023.

Josh Proctor

Josh Proctor could still play two more seasons at Ohio State after receiving an unexpected red jersey last year due to a season-ending injury.

Seniors with two more years of eligibility (2)

OT Dhawan Jones
D Zack Harrison

As the only two members of the 2019 Ohio State Recruitment class who didn’t drop out of K.C and stayed with the Buckeyes, Harrison and Jones will be the only traditional seniors on this year’s list.

Given that they both weighed the option of entering this year’s NFL Draft after their junior seasons, it would be surprising if either of them returns for a fifth year in 2023, but they will have that extra year of eligibility available to them.

Junior redshirt with three more years of eligibility (10)

RB Marcus Crowley
OL Harry Miller
OL Enokk Vimahi
DT Jaden Mackenzie
DT Noah Potter
LB Steel Chambers
LB Tommy Eichenberg
LB Kid Saver
S Ronnie Hickman
S Bryson Show

Although all 10 of these players were also members of Ohio State’s enlistment class of 2019, they still had three more years of eligibility because they were awarded the Red Shirts – all as freshmen except for Crowley (who was late to K. in 2020). and Miller (who was late to kindergarten last year) — and they still have junior and senior seasons of traditional eligibility plus the extra year given to all players during the pandemic.

This means that some of their Ohio jobs may only be halfway at this point. Although they will all have to make decisions about whether they want to play for another year, two or three years in Ohio, most still have a lot to prove if they become an NFL prospect, which could increase the likelihood of playing. They play five or six years of college football.

Steel Chambers & Kid Stuffer

While they both make up for lost time after changing positions, both Steel Chambers and Kidd Staffer could still play up to three more seasons at Ohio State.

Juniors who have three more years of eligibility (7)

WR Julian Fleming
WR Jackson Smith Ngigba
T.J. Scott Jr.
OT Paris Johnson Jr.
LB Cody Simon
LB Trayanum Chip
S Lathan Ransom

Although these players didn’t actually take their graduation year, they could actually be considered sophomores for the red jersey since they were real freshmen in 2020. They still have three more years of eligibility to enter their third season in college football, but they are all They were also listed as juniors by Ohio State as they already played two college seasons, with Trayanum playing two seasons as a comeback at Arizona State before moving to Ohio State as a linebacker.

Smith-Njigba and Johnson are likely to enter the NFL Draft after three years at Ohio State for five, but for players like Scott and Trayanum who are still finding a foothold at the league level after a position change, it could be an opportunity. He played three more seasons for the Buckeyes beneficial to their football career.

Female students who have three more years of eligibility (11)

QB Kyle McCord
RB Trivion Henderson
WR Emeka Egbuka
WR Marvin Harrison Jr
OL Donovan Jackson
Jack Sawyer
DE JT Tuimoloau
DT Tylek Williams
CB Denzel Burke
CB Jordan Hancock
Jesse Mirko

This is where things get really weird. As real sophomores who started their college career in 2021 and didn’t qualify for college entry as a freshman, these sophomore Buckeyes already have a year less eligibility left than the Buckeyes in year three who are late to school in 2020 , although they will not be eligible for the NFL Draft for an additional two years while sophomore Redshirt students will be eligible to register after this year.

Players who started their careers in 2021 didn’t get the extra year of eligibility that everyone else did in 2020, so the Buckeyes now only have three years of eligibility left after playing more than four games as true starters.

Red shirt female students with four more years of eligibility (15)

QB CJ Stroud
RP Mian Williams
T. Joe Royer
OL Josh Friar
OL Jacob James
OL Tree Lero
OL Grant Totant
OL Luke Wypler
D. Jacob Kwan
DT Ty Hamilton
LB Mitchell Milton
CB Legend Cavazos
S Cameron Martinez
S Kurt Williams
as Jake Seibert

While it is highly unlikely that Stroud will play another four years in college football — he is unlikely to play another two, as he is expected to be a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft — he could technically if he wanted to, because no He still has three years of traditional eligibility plus an additional year of eligibility after delayed kindergarten entry in 2020.

Although all 15 of these players have already worked in Ohio for two years—and a few of them, like Stroud and Whippler, have already played major roles—they’re still effectively freshmen, except for the senior year they actually used, from an eligibility standpoint. .

Luke Whipler and CJ Stroud

They actually spent two years at Ohio State and were both freshmen last season, but Luke Wypler and CJ Stroud can still play four more years of college football if they want to.

Redshirt freshmen with four more years of eligibility (11)

RB Evan Pryor
WR Jayden Ballard
TE Sam Hart
OL Ben Christman
OL Zen Michalski
DT Mike Hall
LB Red Carriko
CB Jacqueline Johnson
S Jantzen Den
S Jaylene Johnson
S. André Torentin

While these Buckeyes also still have four years of eligibility remaining, that’s only because they fell behind in kindergarten as a real freshman last year.

As members of the 2021 enlistment class, these 11 Buckeyes didn’t get the additional year of eligibility that players had in previous seasons, but they could all still play for up to four more seasons at Ohio State after playing in no more than four games in their year First as the Buckeyes.

Genuine freshmen with four more years of eligibility (21)

QB Devin Brown
RB Dalan Hayden
WR Kojo Antwi
WR Caleb Brown
WR Caleb Burton
WR Keon Grays
Bennett Christian
OT George Fitzpatrick
O.T. Avery Henry
OL Carson Heinzmann
OL Tegra Tshabola
This is my life Abu
D Caden Curry
Kenyatta Jackson Jr.
DT Champion Kano
LB CJ Hicks
LB Gaby Powers
CB Gear Brown
CB Ryan Turner
SK Stokes
S Sony Styles

Like last year’s freshman class, all of this year’s freshmen will begin their college football career with a traditional aptitude hour. While any of them would likely spend up to five years in Ohio if they took their senior year, they would only have the opportunity to play four full seasons with the Buckeyes as they weren’t given an extra year of eligibility.