A SICK final quarter, the entire NBA is warned

Penultimate night of the NBA that ends, and we move more and more serious towards the final bell. Tonight the franchises secured their last spot, tanking reached unbelievable heights and a Frenchman took dessert against the Lakers; We give it all back to you!

# The results of the night

# What to remember

  • The Pistons took the full force of the Bucks in the first quarter and never recovered. What a pity.
  • Great game between the Cavs and the Nets, great Darius Garland and very good return from Evan Mobley. Except Kevin Durant, what did you see, you know, anyway.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo scored his little 30/13/8, not bad for a guy third in the MVP race.
  • No human being in their right mind has ever seen Wizards-Knicks. Too bad we missed a masterclass by the Obi Toppin / Immanuel Quickley duo.
  • The Raptors were 24 points behind the Rockets but in the end the good thing happened and the Dinos will finish their season in fifth place in the East
  • They will also face either the Celtics or the Sixers in the first round.
  • The Heat could have rested but the noumero ouno del Este wanted to send a message to the conceived.
  • Luka Doncic scored 25 in a quarter for the Blazers, 39 overall, and the Mavs won 50 queens over Portland to secure their spot in the Top 4 and a first-round home court advantage.
  • Luka committed his sixteenth technical foul of the season and will therefore not play on Sunday night in the starter’s last game.
  • The Hornets have confirmed the current struggles of the Bulls. Fantastic time in Chicago.
  • The Jazz held on, then during the fourth quarter we understood what separated them from the Suns. like an ocean 36-12, total annihilation of the opponent, these people are clear candidates for the title. And favorites?
  • AMAZING: The Lakers won a basketball game. TOO FUN: The Thunder played 6.25 players and the leaders of Los Angeles were named Wenyen Gabriel and Dwight Howard that night.
  • This didn’t stop Jaylen Hoard from asserting himself a little more as the future best player in the League.

# Some memories of the night

# The Top 10 of the night

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# The TTFL scores of the night

# The race for the Draft

# The race for the Playoffs

# The classification

# Tonight’s show

  • 7:00 p.m.: Sixers-Pacers
  • 0h: Grizzlies – Pelicans
  • 2h30 : Spurs – Warriors
  • 3h30 : Clippers – Kings