ACC Men’s Basketball Team Rankings: Anyone Want To Make The NCAA Championship From This League?

Just when it seemed like more ACC teams were on their way back into the overall NCAA discussion did they decide to do things like lose to Pete. Anyway, let’s get to this week’s power ratings that took place during last night’s games

1) Duke Blue Devils- (23-4, 13-3 last week: 1st)

He survived the fear of Wake Forest that nearly caused Duke to lose his fourth ACC home. Lucky coach K because the tournament is not in Cameron

2) Wake Forest Demon Deacons (21-7, 11-6 last week: 5th)

Take care of Notre Dame on Saturday night and drop our favorite ACC HC down this gem

3) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (19-8, 12-4 last week: 2)

Huge game for Syracuse on Wednesday when they complete the challenge at South Bend. We all hope Mike Brie doesn’t train in a genie suit during this one.

4) Miami Hurricanes: (8-19, 11-5 last week: 3rd)

Miami split the week but we don’t punish them too much because that’s what everyone in MCC is doing these days.

5) North Carolina Tar Heels: (20-8, 12-5 last week: 4th)

Well, we said last week that UNC played a big game at Virginia Tech and had a big win on the road…but before that they decided to lose a home game to Pete. Even after they survived against Louisville last night, that wasn’t how much you liked the committee.

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6) Virginia Cavaliers (17-10, 11-6 last week: sixth)

Another team 1-1 where Virginia lost to Virginia Tech and then came back and beat Miami. Still work to do for Hoos.

7) Virginia Tech Hokies (16-11, 8-8 last week: 7th)

Stop us if you’ve heard this before but they went 1-1 in the week and a road match in Miami looms big this week in the ACC Duke Avoidance for as Long as Possible contest.

8) Syracuse Orange (15-12, 9-7 last week: 8th)

Syracuse is currently leading the aforementioned game as they are seventh in the ACC but with Notre Dame and Duke in the making, can the Boeheim crew hold their place?

9) Pittsburgh Panthers (11-17, 6-11 last week: 11)

Big win on the road at Chapel Hill and suddenly the Panthers play the spoiler of the league.

10) Boston College Eagles: (10-16, 5-11 last week: 13)

The .500 season dream is gone but the Eagles at least have the Heights outfit to deliver any kind of positivity for 21-22 years.

College basketball: February 08 Syracuse at Boston College

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11) Florida State Seminoles (14-13, 7-10 last week: ninth)

I got a win over Clemson to stop their slip but Seminole will need a big race in Brooklyn to get into the dance.

12) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: (11-16, 4-12 last week: 14th)

I got a win over Pete and then made Syracuse sweat on Monday night giving them the edge among this group of teams.

13) Louisville Cardinals (12-15, 6-11 last week: 12)

No ad and no coach has some people talking about a Jurich-Pitino reunion which is what happens when your basketball district is stuck watching a lousy team.

14) Clemson Tigers (12-15, 4-12 last week: 10th)

Clemson is out of control now. Being in the basement is embarrassing for this band.

15) NC State Wolfpack (11-16, 4-12 last week: 15th)

They’re hosting BC and getting a chance at the erratic Tar Heels this week, so maybe their time at the bottom might be over while we get ready to head into March?

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Where did we go wrong this week? How many ACC teams do you think will play in the second weekend of the NCAA Championship?