Alabama football: Will games vs Texas teams define the season?

Happy Tuesday everyone. Brad Crawford at 247sports has a pair of Alabama games against teams from Texas included in his “season-setting” competitions.

Loud Saban hustle with Jimbo Fisher In May, it threw gasoline on the college football fire inside the Securities and Exchange Commission, taking one of the league’s most anticipated matches of the 2022 season to another level of intrigue. Not only will the winner of this match likely take the Western Division, but the Aggies loss could send the Texas A&M fan base into a state of fascination if early confrontations against Miami and Arkansas don’t work out either. Fisher’s side went 3-2 in their last five SEC games after beating Crimson Tide in 2021, faltering 8-4. This season, Texas A&M plays South Carolina, Ole Miss, Florida, Auburn and LSU after Alabama.

If Alabama didn’t wipe the floor with the Aggies, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Michael Casagrande took some time off-season to compile some Alabama records for you, both good and bad.

The four highest yardage seasons in Alabama history came in the past four years. Each of these four ranks among the top eight in SEC history with 2021 in second place.

2021 season 5073 yards

2018 season with 4,854

2020 season at 4,656

2019 season at 4,449

Alabama 2020 holds the SEC record for points per game with 48.5. The 2019 LSU team ranked second at 48.4 with the next 2019 Alabama team at 47.2.

Needless to say, the 2020 team would be number one on the passer yards list if they got the perfect 15 games. The fact that they just outperformed LSU’s attack from the previous year is funny, and they did so against all of the Power Five.

Crawford has also written about some of the teams that might surprise this season.

The Longhorns enjoyed a full week on the recruiting track, earning an oral commitment from the top-ranked quarterback in 2023. arc manningWhich promises to be the future of the program under Steve Sarkissian. However, in 2022, the keys to the offensive and overall success belong to the team Queen Ewers or Hudson Card In a competition not yet decided. Ewers has the advantage and has emerged during the Spring Longhorns as a potential teammaker within a loaded unit on this side of football. The Texans have been among the most popular teams in college football that have improved so much this spring and the Longhorns are hoping to muddy the playoff picture this season with a game in early September against Alabama and later in the Big 12.

Ewers showed it out? will be the verdict.

It wasn’t a disastrous outing. There were a few nice throws in there, but there was also some stench and what looked like a lock for the initial reading. It will be interesting to see if Sark throws Ewers to Wolves named Anderson and Turner, or if Hudson Card starts early in the season.

AD, Ohio wants schools to share the lack of controls so they can monitor reinforcers.

“The NIL works pretty much in a lot of places,” Ohio State Athletic Director Jane Smith told CBS Sports. “Of course, no one writes about those. Everyone reports the crash. I understand that, but the truth is we need to come up with a strategy to deal with the temptations.

“one of them [solutions] Institutions with greater participation may be. This is under discussion, and it should continue to be discussed.”

Although the NCAA Interim Policy, adopted at the beginning of the NIL, did not provide much guidance, it stated that the “expectation” was that schools and athletes would not use NIL to compensate for athletic participation. The NCAA also warned of the dangers of “improper temptation” if the two parties worked together.

What do you think of this idea, Jimbo?

Finally, Herbie sees the Power Five separate from the rest of the NCAA sometime soon.

I suspect I have some thoughts about college football. It’s an emotional time now. The NIL and the transfer portal have created a lot of anxiety throughout the college football community, but there will eventually be some standards to put in place that can start to make sense. It wouldn’t shock me to see the Power 5 conferences break away from the NCAA at some point and form their own governing body. If that happens, I think you’ll see them negotiating with players to collectively agree on a set of rules that both sides are willing to live with and that should include players getting a share of future broadcast rights deals. They deserve it.

It seems inevitable, and it remains to be seen.

That’s about it for now. have a great day.

tide roll.