An expensive mess in Columbus – you die by the blade

Score: Sabers 3 | 7 . blue jacket

Shots: BUF 36 | Central Bank of Jordan 39

Buffalo Saber Objectives:

1) Basic (Olofson, Cosnes)

2) Thompson (Touch)

3) Okposo (crepes, mittelstadt)

Ottawa Senators’ goals:

1) Kokan (Chinakov, Domi)

2) Jenner (Vorasec, Lynn)

3) Kukan (Bayreuther, Gaunce)

4) Wernski (Björkstrand, Jenner)

5) Jones (Lane, Kokan)

6) Nyquist (Choral, Gavrikov)

7) Danforth (Gauness)

Minus 1: Professional Kokan Night

Of all the offensive weapons that Columbus owned, few expected Dean Kokan to be one of the leading scorers in this game. The 28-year-old defender has earned a total of 22 points in 128 professional games entering this game and has not scored more than 5 points in any of his previous five seasons. None of that mattered against Buffalo as he doubled his season total by three (two goals and one assist). On a night that saw many solo moments and bounces, having a third defensive duo with a multi-goal game was perhaps the most surprising.

Plus 1: Thompson stays hot

Tage Thompson continues his breakout season with another goal one night after scoring his first hat-trick of his career. For a brief moment, Thompson Cypress gave the lead after rewarding a fine pass by Tuch with an equally impressive shot. The key to the aim was a light quick release where the Tage received and fired a puck in one motion to catch Berube by surprise. We know Thompson has had a rocket for his shot since he was acquired from St. Louis, but it always took him so long to shake off the baton to be an effective NHL scorer. He’s improved this aspect of his game with impressive results.

Minus 2: Down Main Street

More often than not, Columbus players managed to walk into the middle of the hole for open opportunities on Anderson. The lack of defensive awareness cost the Saber several times, including the final goal by Zach Wirenski midway through the second half.second abbreviation interval. Mental errors are bound to happen in 2second abbreviation Half consecutive, but there were many initial scoring opportunities. Anderson didn’t have his best performance on that show, but you can’t blame him for shooting dead center shots into the hole.

last thoughts

In general, this was not the explosion that the result would indicate. Two goals in the last minute, including a blank goal, turned this match from a relatively close match into a blast. Shots were close even to the last bell after heavyweight Columbus swept early, and it looked like Buffalo was poised to hit at least one during the third. Unfortunately, the scorers were unable to find the net in the last minutes. Anderson didn’t have his A-game, and his defense did him no favors. Too many turnovers, cover-ups and missed puck fights cost Jamvu an opportunity to build a solid performance against Colorado. The upper powerplay unit was an even mess without Dahlin controlling the entry of the area and the movement of the puck inside the area. Hopefully, two days off will see the return of the Swedish All-Stars. The rest of the squad should remember that opponents in the middle of the hole are a priority in defensive coverage as they prepare for another game in Montreal on Wednesday.