Anas Kanter says Colin Kaepernick is starting to ignore him after criticism of Nike and China

It seems that Anis Kanter’s relationship with Colin Kaepernick disappeared after he stood up to China and Nike.

Kanter is the only NBA player willing to call up China’s appalling human rights record and Nike’s intimate relationship with Beijing’s dictatorship. (Related: David Hoxted is correct king In the north When it comes to college football)

Given the fact that Kaepernick portrayed himself as a leader and civil rights champion, you’d think he’d love Kanter’s activism. Not much!

“After I started talking about the problems going on in China and started criticizing Nike and some other companies, I lost him. There is no answer. “Tomi Lahren is fearless,” Kanter said during an interview on Outkick, “I just hope inside he hasn’t seen my messages. textual.”

You can see his full comments below.

I like the way Kanter clings to the hope that Kaepernick just missed his texts rather than the more likely explanation that he’s not interested in responding!

Let’s not forget that Kaepernick has a fat Nike deal and has been used in promotional materials. So while Cabe wants you all to believe that America is a terrible place, he has no problem doing business with a company that prints money in China.

Say what you want about Kanter, but at least it’s consistent. He advocates for human rights abuses around the world, and doesn’t stay silent on issues just because he gets some money.

Does anyone think Kip could jeopardize his Nike deal by highlighting CCP and the company’s ties to China? Somehow I doubt it!

This is the same man who praised the dictatorship in Cuba!

Perhaps, Kaepernick should pick up the phone and learn a thing or two from Kanter.