Asked and answered: February 22

DENNIS MOSBY OF NAPLES, FL: Over the years, you’ve noticed the detail and excellent research that characterizes your regular articles and question-and-answer feature. Extensive knowledge of football is displayed in this work. If asked, would you accept a GM Steelers job?
Answer: It was so nice of you to write about my work so well, but a lot of what I learned came simply from keeping my mouth shut and my ears open when I was around people like Dan Rooney, Kevin Colbert, Bill Noon, Tom Donahoe, and Jim Boston. To be honest with you, I’m hardly qualified to dump the trash in Kevin Colbert’s office.

Jim Greaves of Watertown, NY: After watching some veteran players of the NFL deeply affected by winning the title, I thought about it. Cam Heyward hasn’t won a championship either. How many years did Cam stay on his current deal?
Answer: Cam Heyward is under contract during the 2024 NFL season when he is 35 years old.

LYLE BURTON OF ORLANDO, FL: Is there any chance another team would be willing to give up their first-round pick to sign Dwayne Haskins as a restricted free agent?
Answer: When Washington ceded Dwayne Haskins, any team in the NFL could claim him for nothing. Haskins liquidated the concessions and was then signed by the Steelers to a forward contract. Why would any team give up a first-round pick to sign someone they could have signed for nothing, especially when that player hasn’t taken a single shot in a regular season game since he was waived?

Mark Dixon from ETTERS, PA: I look forward to asking and answering the question every Tuesday and Thursday. Your sarcastic sense of humor is greatly appreciated. What are futures deals and what kind of players are signed for these types of contracts?
Answer: The full technical name of the subject of your question is a reserve/forward contract, which is given by teams to players who have not finished the regular season on an active roster. Examples of players eligible to sign a future contract are those who finished the season on a coaching team, those who were not on the NFL roster throughout the previous season, or those who were on the NFL roster at some point during the previous season but finished the season outside the league. The futures contracts signed by these players go into effect on the first day of the new league year.

Keith Wimmer from BOARDMAN, OH: What are your thoughts on the potential development of Devlin “Duck” Hodges? Will there be any chance of him signing and inviting him to the Steelers training camp and giving him another chance? Personally, I thought he was a brave man.
Answer: With all due respect to Devlin Hodges, he lacks arm strength of an NFL caliber. He’s too physically limited to play center in the NFL and being “brave” doesn’t make up for it.

John Smith of Surprise, Arizona: I thought defensive lineman Carlos Davis sounded like a promising prospect on enlistment day in 2020, but I don’t remember hearing his name even once during the 2021 season. What kind of season does he have, by numbers?
Answer: Carlos Davis played 17 defensive tackles in the opening game at Buffalo against the Bills, and finished with one tackle. After being injured in that match, Davis went into the injured reserve and missed the next 12 games. He did not play again until December 19 against Tennessee. Davis finished with five tackles, including one for a loss.

Brian Hanford of Selinsgrove, PA: I just don’t see Mason Rudolph or Dwayne Haskins as the middle ground, and I don’t see any veteran worth pursuing, which makes this draft one of the most important since Ben Roethlisberger picked in 2004 if they had to trade, what is Which scenario do you think is most likely? Will they need to trade in the top 10 or will a smaller trade with chargers in position 17 be good enough? I suspect it’s Kenny Beckett or Willis’ owner or this year’s bankruptcy. am i right
Answer: You are not only incorrect, but you are wrong in many different ways, and it is difficult to keep track of them all. I don’t think the Steelers share your opinion of Mason Rudolph and Dwayne Haskins, and I do believe, to a lesser degree, that the team shares your opinion “it’s Kenny Beckett, Willis’ owner or bankruptcy”. The Steelers won’t have to “swap”. It is not mandatory for a team to spend in the first round on a midfielder this year, nor is it mandatory for them to use any of their six selections for a midfielder this year. And just because you don’t “see any veteran worth following” has no bearing on whether the Steelers have an interest in adding the veteran quarterback to their off-season competition.

Michael Williams of Cincinnati, Ohio: Up front, why is a goalkeeper called a “keeper”? Why is the intervention called “treatment”? He does not deal with anyone. On the defensive line, the interference is aligned within the line. So why is the offensive deal done on the outside of the line?
Answer: You have a lot of free time. I suggest a hobby. But if you insist on thinking about the mysteries of the universe, I hope you’ll find something more important than “Why is the sentinel called the ‘guardian’?” Be better than that.