Baldelli twins manager, player Arraez, Bundy positive for COVID-19

Baltimore – When the Twins players rolled into Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Thursday before ending their four-game streak with Baltimore, it was immediately clear that this would not be an ordinary day in the office.

We showed up, and all of a sudden everyone was masked,” said curator Tyler Duffy. And you’re like, ‘Oh, I think something’s going on. “

The Twins have had three people who have tested positive for COVID-19: manager Rocco Baldelli, Wednesday’s rookie bowler Dylan Bundy, and companion man Luis Ariz. This has left the twins a bit jittery as they try to navigate the situation amid different COVID-19 protocols from the past two seasons.

About a year ago, the twins canceled three games during a road trip in California after three players and one staff member tested positive. Contact tracing, testing, and mask wearing were all the more powerful in those days. Now masks are not required, and if someone needs a test depends on several key factors: asymptomatic versus asymptomatic, vaccinated versus unvaccinated, close contact versus no.

The Twins’ medical staff decided all that ahead of Thursday’s game, with Baldelli, Arraez and Bundy only returning positively. But there may be ongoing testing and potential cases in the coming days, with the twins preparing to return to Minneapolis after the game.

Baldelli, Arraez, and Bundy have been vaccinated and are experiencing mild symptoms. Once they are free of symptoms for 24 hours, they must test negative results at least twice 24 hours apart before they can return to work. If they continue to have symptoms, they must be isolated for 10 days before they can be evaluated for possible return, which must be approved by the doctor and the MLB.

All three will remain in Baltimore, and hopefully, in a few days they can get out of quarantine and join the team. If not, there is a possibility that they will be sent back to Minnesota.

Bench coach Jaycee Tengler, who managed the Padres for most of last season, took charge of coaching the team. Bundy had just started on Wednesday and Arraez was a floating player, so the squad didn’t need immediate replacements, although Twins general manager Thad Levine did not rule out potential roster moves on Friday.

The players tried to spend more time outside on the field before the match rather than spending time inside the club. The team encouraged everyone to wear masks and social distancing for the time being.

“The hardest challenge these days is to get to 7:05 [p.m.], the game. That way we’re out, we’re spread out, and we’re ready to play,” Tengler said… Over the past two years, we’ve been through these kinds of issues, and guys kind of understand. We’re just kind of detached but still getting into our business.”

The twins were already understaffed due to several injuries, including first base officer Miguel Sano, who underwent successful surgery Thursday morning in New York to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee. But Max Kepler was back on the right court after leaving Tuesday’s game early and sat outside on Wednesday due to illness. He did not test positive for COVID, and instead fell victim to a stomach bug that is also making its way around the club.

Several MLB teams have handled positive COVID tests this season, including the team the twins faced last weekend, Tampa Bay. Four Rays coaches have been sidelined by COVID.

Baldeley was on the phone with his pre-training staff and also skipped on the Zoom call for the hitters’ daily meeting. It looks like Ares has ordered a T-shirt and some bats so he can at least practice his swing a bit on his own.

“We’ll get through it,” Duffy said. “Hopefully it’s a little while and then we’ll be back to normal.” “Until that happens again, I’m sure. Everyone has kids and families traveling, and that’s inevitable. We’re definitely not the first and we won’t be the last.”