Bayonne, New Jersey native finds new opportunity in Mexican football

Photo: Chris Stutz

Written by Daniel Israel

Bayonne The original John Mullen is looking to make a name for himself in Liga de Football Americano Professional, The American Football League in Mexico.

a Baiyun High School And the Wesley College A graduate, Mullen previously played a quarterback in Bialystok Landers In the Liga Futbolu Amerykanskiego, The American Football League in Poland.

Now he once again wore the number 15 as a midfielder in Reyes de Jalisco. Mullen said the decision stemmed from the opportunity to play in a higher league.

“This was a new opportunity to play in a new country,” he said. “It is always good to travel, but my goal has always been to look for better opportunities in Poland. I think I accomplished that with the Mexican League because this is a higher league and there are high competitions. It can only bring me better opportunities in the future, now.”

The Mexican LFA is a step up from Polish Football League, It is considered among the best leagues in the world besides National Football League (NFL) in the United States and Canadian Football League. He was already training in Mexico Over the past few weeks, so far enjoying the weather.

“The past three weeks here have been amazing,” he said. “Honestly, it’s 180 degrees from the weather in Jersey to the weather here in Mexico. It’s great because it flips from 17 degrees to 71.”

Adaptation to Mexico

Mullen currently trains with the team and trains off-season weightlifting.

“Weight training is two or three days a week, depending on how many days we train,” he said. “Thursdays we work out, then two to three days a week in the weight room.”

Playing in the Mexican league is a big change for Mullen from his time in Poland, not just the weather. The only similar thing is the language barrier.

“There are a lot of players who only speak Spanish,” he said. “I’m currently learning Spanish, which is again another hurdle.”

However, given it is in the top league, Mullen said there are more resources available.

“The training is completely different, from coaches in Poland to coaching staff here in Mexico,” he said. “It’s great to have a corporate foundation, even though they are a completely new team, they have a football background and the aspect of what they know and what they need to accomplish in order to win the championship.”

Still pushed by his family, Mullen even teared up talking about them happily.

“My family is my biggest support system,” he said. “She’s my mom and my brother. No matter what I do, no matter where I go, they are always by my side. They are my support system and the reason I do what I do. One day, I want this football dream to reward her for things.” that you did for me.”

Mullen said it was hard for him to get away from them Poland and now Mexico. But he is looking forward to seeing them in a match soon.

The season starts in March

The first game of the season will take place on March 5th, at 7 p.m. EST. Mullen is looking forward to hitting the floor as he runs.

“This is a stepping stone in the right direction, as it could potentially lead to the NFL,” he said. “The Mexican Football League is linked to the Canadian Football League. So it brings an opportunity. Then the doors open and I don’t realize it, because I just play my game and then my ability takes over.”

No matter where he goes, Mullen will always be Baiyun’s son. He hopes his hometown will continue to encourage him around the world.

“You can take the child out of Bayonne,” he said, “but you cannot take Bayonne out of the child.” “It’s always great to have support from your home country. I know I have that from my hometown, from Bayonne High School, from the flag team I played for, or even from my friends back home. Support is the best thing for me.”

Mullen wants to move forward this season:

“I am looking forward to bringing a championship home to a completely new team in a newer organization and I plan to achieve a high level. The Mexican championship is the number one goal.”

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