Best Love Is Blind Gold Cup Memes & Tweets From Season 2 Fans

After making their debut in season 1 the Love Is Blind gold cups have returned for season 2. Fans are really confused about them, or dying to buy one.

Netflix’s Love is Blind is back with a bunch of new singles looking for love, but the best part of the new season is all the memes and fan reactions to the season’s gold wine glasses. It’s truly a mystery as to why they not only use them in the pod, but in Mexico, and eventually in their homes in Chicago. But why?

Since the show aired, the Love is Blind cups have made an impression on viewers, thanks to their metallic shine and game of Thrones vibe. The goblets that appear on each date have turned into a symbol for the show, with viewers wondering where they can get their own set. Needless to say, the cups do add to the sexy atmosphere that Netflix is ​​trying to convey as the gold hue adds to the dimly lit pods and all but makes for one very magical interaction. But it’s anyone’s guess as to why the gold glasses end up on the outside with them, too. This confusion has obviously led to some great memes about the couples using the goblets in Love Is Blind season 2.


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The whole purpose of Love is Blind is to bring single’s together who may not otherwise have noticed one another. Ironically, all that most viewers could concentrate on was the stemware. Since season 2 aired, fans have frankly been obsessed with the massive gold plated mugs, so much so some followers have devoted memes to them. The drinking vessel may just be the MVP of the entire show. Luckily, it looks like fans can buy the cups at various outlets, as viewers have scrambled to find them on Amazon and at other online retail outlets. So if you’re thinking of throwing a watch party, they’re the perfect addition to your bar set up. Before that, though, indulge yourself in some of these hilarious memes and fan reactions about those ridiculous gold wine glasses the Love Is Blind season 2 contestants are sipping from.

People Think The Love Is Blind Gold Cups Are Sponsors

Other Fans Just Love The Imagery Of The Gold Cups

Love Is Blind Fans Just Want The Gold Cups To Make Sense

Others Are Sick Of The Love Is Blind Gold Cups

While the copper-toned glasses are sophisticated-looking, some fans just can’t stop making fun of their inability to disappear from a scene. Whether you are team gold wine glasses or team normal cups, Love is Blind fans can all agree that the memes have been very entertaining.

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