Bettors prefer the Suns and Grizzlies to Warriors

Everyone loves a winner and that’s all the Phoenix Suns have done this season. After starting year 1-3, the Suns quickly dunked the “flash in the pan” by posting 18 straight wins. They have entered the All-Star Break with a 48-10 record, winning their last seven games and 18 of their last 19 games. .

Everything revolves around the sun

Of all the bets placed on which team will win the Western Conference, more than 58% of the money is on Phoenix. The Suns were a joint candidate with the Golden State Warriors for the NBA title, until news dropped that Phoenix guard Chris Paul would miss 6-8 weeks with a broken thumb. Golden State is now the only bet of choice, at +175 to win their conference and +425 to win everything. Phoenixes are +190 and +450 respectively.

The Suns have seven average players, and they’re 0.1 points away from JaVale McGee per game from getting eight. They are well equipped to get through the next couple of months without pee. By the time the play-offs roll, Paul will be back and the Suns will likely have their home ground advantage in the West.

Despite their role as the nominees, Golden State is the third most likely team to win the West, with a 13.9%. Nearly 19% of tickets are betting on the Memphis Grizzlies’ dark horse for the NBA Finals. Memphis started the season with 5,000+ chances to win the Western Conference. They are currently +1200.

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns are soaring toward another title in the Western Conference. (Gary A. Vasquez/USA Today Sports)

eastern wilderness

Philadelphia has given up a lot to acquire James Harden, but bettors are betting that the move is paying off. The Sixers (+350) vouch for 27.6% of the money on Eastern Conference title bets. They are currently boxed with the Cavaliers (+2000) and the Bucks (+280), who all sit 2.5 games behind the Heat (+500) and the Bulls (+1400). Boston slipped to sixth for the East after losing 9-1 in its last ten games. They’re now getting the third-highest thrill to win the conference, with 11.5% off the handle and a +1200 price tag.

BetMGM’s biggest responsibility will be if Cleveland makes it to the Finals. Their odds of winning the East before the season started were 250 to 1. Roughly 9% of tickets are in the rising Cavs, who are now 20 to 1.

Notable bets

Here are a few notable BetMGM bets, most of which were made before the regular season:

NBA Championship

  • $19,000 to win $380,000 on 76ers +2000

  • $10,000 to win $200,000 on Heat +2000

  • $10,000 to win $75,000 on Bucks +750

  • $1,000 to win $150,000 on Bulls +15,000

  • $1,000 to win $150,000 on Cavaliers +15,000

  • $1,000 to win $125,000 on Raptors +12,500

Eastern Conference Winner

Western Conference Winner

The exact result of the NBA championship

play-off result

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