Board of Trustees Approves Brohm Extension, $45.4 Million Phase One Ross-Ade Renovation Project

Ross Addy


West Lafayette – Purdue University’s Board of Trustees approved the $45.4 million Ross Eddy stadium renovation Friday (April 8) as the first phase of a multi-phase approach to enhancing Purdue’s football atmosphere, improving the overall fan experience and further enhancing nutritional support. For student athletes.

In addition to entering his sixth season as a coach for Purdue Football, Jeff Broome It agreed to extend the contract until 2027.

“At Purdue, we are fortunate to have the necessary fan and donor support to continue investing in our athletic programs and facilities,” said Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. Mike Bobinski. “Following the exciting 2021 season of Purdue football, we are pleased to announce the extension of the coach’s tenure Jeff Broomecontract, and an initial set of improvements to Ross-Ade Stadium that will benefit both the student-athlete and the fan experience.”

A program with a combined nine wins in the four seasons prior to Brohm’s arrival, Purdue has matched that output into one season – an unforgettable 2021 campaign – as the Boilermakers continue their rise under Brohm.

“We are excited about the progress we’ve made over the past five years,” he said. brom. “We look forward to continuing to build our program in the future. I would like to thank our management and fans for their support and our players and staff for their hard work and dedication. It is a great honor to be the head coach of Purdue football.”

The approval given for Ross-Ade’s Phase 1 includes plans for renovations including the construction of a new team entrance/tunnel from the Kozuch Football Performance Complex to Rohrman Stadium, the conversion of the existing team shop into a student-athlete feeding/food facility and the construction of a concourse conductor that adjoins additional seating in the party area Southern.

“These renovations will make a huge difference to our student-athletes and enhance the overall fan experience at Ross-Ade,” he said. brom. “We are grateful to our audience, donors and Board of Trustees, Mike Bobinskiand President Daniels for their commitment to the development and success of Purdue Football Club. This project will have a positive impact on our program for years to come.”

With the Purdue Football team succeeding so many starters, and showing record growth in attendance over the past five seasons, now is the time to continue strategic investments to ensure Purdue Football’s continued success.

Full details regarding the scope of Phase 1 renovations will be shared in the coming months. Plans to follow with additional phased renewals will be identified and reported as they are further developed. All renewals are fully funded by donor gifts.

“Our John Purdue club and department look forward to connecting with our alumni and supporters who are passionate about taking Purdue Football to new heights,” he said. Bubinsky. “Their support will be critical in helping additional phases of this project become a reality.”