Boise State Spring Game Guide: Who to watch on Saturday

The Bronco Nation can keep up with all the updates from the Spring Game via the live KTVB blog in this article on Saturday with tweets from Jay Tust and Will Hall.

Boise, Idaho – For the first time since last fall, the Boise State football team returns to the blue on Saturday for the 2022 spring game in the Broncos in front of a live crowd at Albertsons Stadium.

After 15 custom football drills in the spring, coach Andy Avalos and the Broncos will debut their 2022 roster at 4 p.m. Eight outgoing Boise State players served in front of scouts from 21 NFL teams on March 30, leaving chances for the Broncos underestimated That will move to the beginning roles.

The Boise State Hall of Fame and campus parking lots open at noon on Saturday, with Albertsons Stadium doors opening to fans at 2:30 p.m. To mimic a live match-day environment, players and coaches will walk around the stadium at the ‘Bronco Walk at 2:40 p.m.’

The Broncos will begin the warm-up at 3:30 p.m., 30 minutes before the Spring Game. Parking and admission to Saturday’s event is free and fans can go to The Blue after the game.

Saturday’s Blue and Orange game includes four quarters of the competition between the Broncos’ attack and defense. Each quarter is set for eight minutes, with the second quarter involving red zone drills.

Touches, field goals, and point-by-point attempts will score as their usual points – six, three, and one, respectively. During red zone drills from the 15-yard line, the offense takes four plays to score six points. Pausing at the defense is also worth six points and forcing the attack to kick a field goal scores one point for the defense.

Turns and stops fourth down three points for Boise State’s defense on Saturday. Three times and sacks score two points for the Broncos defense and forcing the offense to kick a field goal in the red zone – outside of the red zone drill – is worth four defensive points.

If Boise State lunges for 12 yards or more or completes a pass 16 yards or more in a spring game, the Broncos attack scores one point.

With the likes of superstar Khalil Shaker, Salama Kekaula Kaniho and front lineman and rookie Jake Stetz of two years from Boise State, KTVB compiled a list of the Broncos to watch during Saturday’s spring game.

The Bronco Nation can also keep up with all the scores, updates, and highlights from the Boise State Spring Game with the live KTVB blog in this article on Saturday. A live KTVB blog with the latest tweets and updates from KTVB’s Jay Tust and Will Hall will feature in this article ahead of Saturday’s brawl.

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Tylen Green – Quarterback

The Boise State quarterback’s starter for 2022 is undoubtedly great Hank Bachmeier. On April 6, Avalos said, “There are things [Hank] He’s doing this year even he couldn’t do last year,” while speaking to local media.

However, Boise State fans have heard the hype around Greene — the three-star recruit from Louisville, Texas — and the Bronco Nation could get a glimpse of a future signal caller on Saturday.

The long sophomore threw assists during Boise State Pro Day, impressing the NFL’s Shaker with his powerful arm.

Stefan Cobbs – Wide Receiver

The fifth-year student is set to be the number one in Boise State to a wide reception in the wake of Shaker’s departure. Cobbs, a fifth-year student from Fort Worth, Texas, collected 34 catches, 421 yards and five touchdowns in 2021.

The only fully healthy group to get into spring football in Boise State was the wide receiver unit. We’ll see if the remaining Broncos attack is healthy enough to get the ball to these players on Saturday in the spring game.

George Holany – Running Back

First-year Boise State quarterback coach Keith Bonava has been a huge fan of Holani since arriving on campus in the off-season. Houlani exploded onto the scene in 2019, totaling 1,014 yards.

In 2020, Houlani appeared in just three games, before rushing for 569 yards and one touchdown over 119 games in nine games played. When Holani is healthy, he is top notch in Mountain West.

The California native is expected to be the backbone of Boise State in 2022, but Holany may not see a huge amount of touches on Saturday after returning to spring soccer practice in full force.

Avalos said the Broncos already know what they have on the backcourt with Hualani and his brawling touches may not be required before fall camp.

“We are very grateful, even for his growth, but attacking is different when he’s on the field,” Boise State coach Andy Avalos said of Holany.

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Caleb Biggers – Back Corner

After Boise State’s starting corner back Markel Reid missed part of 2021 through injury, Caleb Biggers tipped into a bowling green deal and ended up leading the corner kicks with 34 tackles.

The Biggers had key reps on the right side of the Broncos defense as Reed was still recovering during spring football. With Jeron Johnson’s departure, it will be interesting to see how first-year corner-team coach Demario Warren rotated back-kicks on Saturday.

George Tarlas – Defensive End

The Bora High School graduate was a huge hit for Avalos and Broncos this season. George Tarlas had 20 career tackles for a loss, 17 sacks, seven forced fuss and two interceptions during his time with Webber State.

Boise State was the first Tarlas to introduce after entering the transfer gate, but his hometown distinction also garnered offers from San Diego, Utah, Arizona. Saturday will be Tarlas’ first appearance on The Blue, with the possibility of making his way to the start or second round at fall camp.

SC Oladipo – Nickelback

With the departure of Boise State in 2021 and the start of a nickel-back – Kikula Kaneo – the Broncos’ starting point is wide open. Seyi Oladipo impressed during his 15 spring drills at Boise State and could line up with the starting defense on Saturday.

As a freshman last season, Oladipo earned playing time in 12 games and was challenged in Boise State’s 2021 win over the UTEP. The Colorado native made eight attempts with a foul for the Broncos.

The Bronco Nation can keep up with all the scores, updates, and highlights from the Spring Game in Boise State with the live KTVB blog in this article on Saturday. A live KTVB blog with the latest tweets and updates from KTVB’s Jay Tust and Will Hall will feature in this article ahead of Saturday’s brawl.

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