Brown spends $15 million with Amari Cooper re-do; Trying to re-sign Jarvis Landry and Jadvion Clooney, sources say

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Browns may soon welcome two Pro Bowl players back into the fold at receiver Jarvis Landry and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

On Saturday, they restructured receiver Amary Cooper’s contract to clear about $15 million of cover space, giving them more room to try to re-sign Landry, a five-time Pro Bowler, and Clowney, a three-time Pro Bowler, league sources told

The Browns, who will be trying to win the Super Bowl this season, will love the return of both players, which is more likely now.

Al Brown parted ways with Landry last week to save about $15 million in maximum salary after being given permission to pursue a business. But Landry wanted nothing more than to win the Super Bowl here, and was excited to be back now that Deshaun Watson and Cooper are here and Brown has a real chance.

Clooney, who played with Watson in Houston, is also likely to return now that his old teammate is on board and the Browns are the immediate contenders in the Super Bowl.

Brown has been talking to both players’ agents, and will try to close deals with them before long. However, they understand that Clowney is operating on his own timeframe, and that he will sign when he is ready.

The Browns converted most of Cooper’s $20 million salary into a signing bonus and added two revocable years, saving them $15 million in the 2022 cap.

Watson’s maximum figure for this season is just around $10 million – although his five-year contract worth $230 million is fully guaranteed – meaning that his two new offensive tackles together would count for just $15 million.

It enables Brown to keep adding pieces around them in a bid to lift the Lombardy Trophy this season.

If Landry returns, he will be greeted by Watson, Cooper, Donovan Peoples-Jones, and Anthony Schwartz in the parlour. Brown will also likely draft a receiver with one of their five picks in rounds 2-4 of the draft. It’s a solid receiver class, and they can get a start in the second round. They can also use some of their choices to trade and have a better chance.

Brown never wanted to part with Landry, 29, but his $16,379 max hit made it costly. Landry has pinned his lip for most of the stressful 2021 season, and took to Twitter on February 22 when it became clear that Brown might be letting him go.

Landry: I gave it all

“The truth behind all of this is that I’m back to playing in the best shape of my life, my week two had a high grade MCL sprain, a partial quadruple tear and a bony contusion,” He said in a series of tweets on his account on Tuesday morning. “Then I came back early and ended up staying sore all season. You never heard me mention anything about her.”

Landry declined to give an official interview after his close friend Odell Beckham Jr. was released on November 5 in the wake of his father, Odell Beckham Jr.’s sharing a video of “Odell Beckham Jr. is always open” on his social media.

His only media appearance came next while giving Thanksgiving food treats in Parma on November 16, during which he noted, among other things, that his production was related to his lack of many opportunities and not to the fact that he was removing rust from his injury. He also explained that the receivers were doing their best with Baker Mayfield, who was playing with a torn lip in his left shoulder.

Also, the availability of media did not happen to me Because I was focused on getting on the field as healthy as possible during the week and after the matches..a strategic plan was put in place to be followed. I put the ball in my court by telling them I wanted to stay but if I didn’t I would. ”

He confirmed that he wants to return with Brown for a fifth season, but he understands the reality of the business. At 30 in November, his 2022 cap is $16.379 million, and his dead money is only $1.5 million if Brown releases him.

I put the ball in a total court By telling them I’d like to stay, but if not, I’m confident enough in myself to be healthy this year and move forward to help do my part to win a championship elsewhere.

He also tweeted, ‘Before this year I missed a match. So push all the narrations, it’s been noted’.

Those four tweets were interspersed with “You gave it all!!!! everything.”

With Mayfield struggling for most of the season after being torn up in the second week, all receivers lacked production—and none had more than three TD receptions.

Landry led the club with 52 catches for 570 yards, but both were career lows. Two TDs were also low on career level, as were his 87 goals. But Landry missed five games, and his 7.25 goals-per-game total was 123 over 17 games.

At 4.3 receptions per game, he would have had 74 through 17 games, which would have been the second lowest of his career after 72 games in 2020.

As for Clooney, he bagged nine sacks last season after just three in his previous nine games. Clooney compliments Miles Jarrett well, and Brown hopes to wrap it up soon. Having Watson and the extra cover room can speed up the deal.

Brown could also turn their attention to an extension to Denzel Ward soon with the relief of the cover.

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