Bruce Pearl praises Butch Thompson, Auburn baseball: ‘They’ve had bad news for everyone’

There is no rest for the weary, or for Bruce Pearl – even in the off-season.

The Auburn basketball coach has been a busy guy lately. Auburn opened summer training last Wednesday ahead of the team’s overseas tour to Israel, which begins July 31. He is scheduled to be in Brooklyn on Thursday for the NBA draft, with two of his players – Jabari Smith and Walker Kessler – expected to be selected in the first round. In between it all, Pearl found time to travel to Omaha, NE. , Monday for a baseball elimination game in Auburn against Stanford at the College World Series.

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Cole Foster carves his name in the Auburn tradition of the Worldwide College Chain

As Auburn attempts to make history and join the exclusive club, Butch Thompson sought advice from two major CWS characters.

He even got a souvenir in support of Butch Thompson Club: a T-shirt that had an Omaha across the chest, with Auburn’s interlocking AU in place of the middle letter.

“You guys like my shirt?” Beamed, Pearl said Tuesday during an introductory Zoom call with reporters. “It was amazing watching Butch Thompson, Tim (Hudson), Gabe (Gross), the coaching staff — man, I was so proud of them. They have bad news for everyone, right?”

Baseball in Auburn adopted a “bad news bears” mentality after being selected to finish seventh at SEC West this season – a group of misfits that exceed outside expectations. The team has a Bad News Bears jersey hanging in its locker room; His teammates put Cole Foster, Monday’s champion, on the field after the Tigers tried to eliminate Stanford.

Pearl was on hand for that match, with a 6-2 win at Auburn as the team wiped out their early deficit in two rounds with a massive fourth-inning rush. The Tigers made four runs into the frame, three of which came in double form to the wall by Foster, who was one of the Auburn players who had stomach issues this week in Omaha. Recording her first College World Series win since 1997, Auburn also eliminated Stanford from the tournament. It is the first time in 18 CWS matches that a Cardinal has failed to win a game before being eliminated.

“Butch Thompson won a College World Championship match against Stanford,” Pearl exclaimed. “I was at Stanford as an assistant coach. I know what a historically successful, nationally recognized Stanford baseball program is, and we beat them in the College World Series in an elimination game. That’s historic.”

Perle, who had always been a staunch supporter of other auburn sports—often referring to the university as “the school of everything”—was praised by Thompson and the work he did with the auburn program. Since taking command of the Plains prior to the 2016 season, Thompson has built Auburn to become a contender. The Tigers have made post-season four times, with three Super Territorial appearances and two trips to the College World Series — making it to Omaha in 2019 and again this season.

“Only the baseball culture in Auburn, baseball coach Thompson; he represents Auburn well,” said Pearl. We are just lucky to have him. These boys are lucky to have him and they know it. I am very impressed. Just a great baseball game. Look what they did to get where they are: Beating Florida State in baseball in the postseason is really tough, and they beat the best of Pac-12 at UCLA, Oregon and now Stanford. Just unbelievable.”

Auburn needs three more wins over the next three days to reach the championship series in Omaha. Only four teams lost their inaugural College World Series match and went on to win the title in its entirety. Thompson is trying to make his side the fifth to join this club, but he knows the Tigers will need to take one step at a time.

Up next: Arkansas on Tuesdays at 6 p.m., with a chance for a second game against the Ole Miss on Wednesday night.

While Pearl returns to Auburn on Tuesday, he is hoping to return to Charles Schwab Field on Wednesday, should Auburn keep the good times and bad news in Omaha.

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