Bruins’ duck trade Defenseman Hampus Lindholm

The Ducks appears to be open for sale, with Josh Manson out the door and now Kevin Weekes, who has appeared from any number of locations he appears to be on today, has apparently got information that has been confirmed Pierre Lebrun.

That’s neat!

So what does a Hampus Lindholm look like?

The best place to get such information is from duck fans, and we happen to know quite a few of them! From Steven More at Anaheim Calling:

“Lindholm has historically been one of the main defenders of lockdown in the league. However, he has seen a significant drop in his core numbers over the past few years due to the influence of Anaheim players exiting that role, and young players yet to step in. He has spent the year in Partnered with rookie defender Jimmy Drysdale who is still learning NHL and wasn’t recruited for his initially defensive impact.”

“I would expect him to get back to his level in Boston where he will be part of a strong and cohesive unit and eventually will have some semblance of defensive structure in the team he plays for. I must also imagine Boston will try to pair Lindholm with McAvoy, and if they can find some chemistry , it is possible that these two stand out as one of the best defensive pairs in the NHL. All in all Hampus Lindholm is a big-bodied defensive man and a skater who is able to use his size and skill to influence both ends of the ice. He shouldn’t be expected to put up a bunch of points, but he has what Enough skill and intelligence to make a difference alongside the talented strikers in Boston every night. Overall, I expect Bruin’s fans, players and management to fall in love with the trusted Swede and hope he sees him lift the trophy when all is said and done this year.”

Thanks Stephen!

What does he like under the hood?

Just like Stephen said, he’s had some difficulties this year but overall he’s a guy we’ve defended in the past and his overall impact seems to be that he’s a very good defensive man and almost certainly will be back in one of the top 5 defenses in the NHL.

Yeh but he’s a meat master-

He is 6’4.

fetish your size will do not worry.

What do the terms look like?

Update: Pierre Lebrun has gotten the scoop, and it’s clearly going to be a mystery once the trade is done.

You have to imagine a youngster like Frederick, Debrosk or Studnica plus all those choices go the other way. This is a hefty price to rent, but if they did extend it, it could make a little more sense.

Update update: According to LeBron? None of them were! While that, Jon Moore and Oro Vakkanen are rumored to be the two players heading back in the other direction!

Update to update: Official terms in!

And the Fifty percent!

Initial reaction:

Decent work makes already good defensive depth even better and Fabian Liesel hasn’t lost. We should see what this extension looks like, but other than that? This was a big W for Sweeney.

Well that’s an LHD problem that wasn’t nearly as big of a problem as lowering your second line center to your fourth line 24 hours ago, what do we think so far?