In May, former offensive lineman turned broadcaster and analyst Ryan Harris made headlines noting that sources within the San Francisco 49ers shared doubts about sophomore quarterback Trey Lance. He also said that some are expecting Jimmy Garoppolo to start in the first week.

Harris is back to join CBS Sports HQ to share his thoughts on two off-season events related to the 49ers – Deebo Samuel and Garoppolo.

Earlier this season, Samuel requested to be traded after watching several peers receiving wide cash as the 49ers star waited for his contract extension.

San Francisco had hoped to trade Garoppolo in March. However, the quarterback underwent shoulder surgery that month, halting all business discussions. Now, the options for trading have dwindled, as several teams cater to the quarterback.

Harris was asked about the relationship between 49 players and two players at a training camp less than a month away.

“It’s embarrassing,” Harris said.

The analyst notes the 49ers’ refusal to give Samuel a deal and Garoppolo’s inability to throw a soccer ball. Despite this, your quarterback should be medically cleared soon. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that the quarterback is hoping for a “quick fix” to his situation once he’s healthy.

Harris also wonders whether or not Garoppolo’s throws will have the speed and look good once he starts throwing the soccer ball.

“Again, you don’t know what Debo Samuel wants to do in your attack,” Harris continued. “It was clear he didn’t want to run football. That was a big part of why they got into the NFC Championship game last year. And you don’t know what he’s willing to do. So Jimmy J just can’t do it. Really throw him so far, But if you’re Deebo Samuel, you don’t know who you want to throw at you because you don’t even know what plays you want to play.

“This is a chaotic situation that is getting worse, and I feel like the San Francisco 49ers fans. They have enough great talent on this team. They should be competing for the championship this year.”