Channing Tatum’s impromptu lines from “The Lost City” were cut short

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  • Channing Tatum improvised lines for a scene from “The Lost City,” and his co-star Sandra Bullock liked it.
  • “None of his remarks were used because I was laughing so hard,” Bullock told Insider.
  • According to the actress, the lines were later cut from the film because of her laughter.

Sandra Bullock revealed in a new interview with Insider that Channing Tatum’s inappropriate remarks during a scene in “The Lost City” made her laugh so hard that the halves could not be used in the final cut.

“There is a scene where he has to take me to a car. He and the other actor – I never remember his name, he has blond hair, ”Bullock joked about the scene involving Tatum and their blond costar, Brad Pitt.

On stage, Tatum and Pitt (who plays Alan and Jack in the movie, respectively) arrive at the tropical mansion of an eccentric billionaire (played by Daniel Radcliffe) to save Loretta, the character of Bullock, a love writer who she was abducted. The two then transport Loretta (still tied to a chair) through the jungle to a waiting escape car, all while being chased by the billionaire’s villains.

“The directors received ad-lib lines from Channing, and none of them were used because we were laughing so hard,” Bullock told Insider at the SXSW premiere on the red carpet of Austin’s The Lost City. Texas, Saturday. 12th of March.

“It’s crazy funny,” the actress said of Tatum, adding that while Tatum’s crazy remarks were “stupid,” they still made her laugh.

And according to Bullock, the filmmakers have Tatum’s hilarious lines (which included, according to Bullock: “When the shepherd goes to the pie, you eat it”) in excerpts.

the lost city

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in The Lost City.


Bullock also joked on the red carpet that she was cleaning Keanu Reeves’ house “once a week” when he asked Insider about her friendship with her “Speed” co-star.

“I clean them in the house every Thursday. It’s the kind of thing we did. I lost a bet when I did Speed ​​and said, “Well, if that’s not true, I’ll clean your house.” The “Blind Side” actress joked. “I think I did a pretty good job. I mean, I’m out of certain rooms, but I respect it.”

“Apart from cleaning his house on Thursday, I see him maybe once or twice a year,” Bullock told Insider.

“The Lost City” hits theaters on March 25. You can watch the trailer below.