Chest Enhancement Points: Reds 5, Cubs 3

Let’s start with the only thing for you truly You should know about tonight’s game: Keegan Thompson was amazing. Just really excellent for the third start in a row. During the first five rounds of the game, he’d turn completely off, hitting efficiently, throwing hard, pinpointing his four stitches, attacking the strike zone, and delivering some really impressive cracking kicks when the moment called for one (there were some really bad accounts of skaters and breakouts).

He had a little trouble in the sixth inning, when his speed (and drive) started to wane, but he managed to get out of trouble, finishing the night with a score of 2 winning over 6.0 IPs with 8Ks for his third straight start…

…or at least that’s how it should have ended.

Rather than seizing the opportunity to remove Thompson from the game after the embattled sixth inning, David Ross brought him back out on the seventh day. After allowing two runners to come in, Ross Thompson pulled in for Rowan Wake, who gave up three home runs, adding two more sets to Thompson’s last streak: 6.1 IP, 4ER, 0BB, 8K. I was not pleased.

I think the reasoning had something to do with (1) Thompson’s lower pitch count and (2) the Reds’ bottom ranking (both reasonable scores). But sure enough, it seemed obvious that Thompson was out after the sixth. He had already lost his best and “killed” through the half as the Reds started hitting him hard and often. Even worse, the decision to go to the knockout forced a struggling Rowan Wake into a sloppy run, which they didn’t survive (the Reds went 5-0 and never gave up). And why exactly? Thompson did his job and shouldn’t have been back there.

but whatever. None of that changes the fact that he was excellent tonight. Maybe we’ll dig a little more tomorrow. But in short, Thompson executed his attack plan perfectly: attack the strike zone, use four more shields, and throw as hard as he can for as long as possible. Ross should have realized it was over, but that doesn’t change anything.

Nico Horner at least kept his red-hot streak with three strokes tonight. Rafael Ortega also put in a good game, and Jan Gomez was really impressive behind the board, blocking a lot of pitches in the dirt.

In short, the Cubs had plenty of chances to win these, but they failed. It’s another loss and another close match for the Reds, who started the season 3-22.

The total points of the fund.