Coach Pete Carroll says he doesn’t see the Seattle Seahawks trading in QB before the start of the 2022 season

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Thursday that he “absolutely” does not envision the team trading for a quarterback.

Carroll’s comments came during an interview with Sports Radio 950 KJR-AM in Seattle. He wasn’t asked specifically about Baker Mayfield – organizations are not allowed to comment publicly on potential interest in players on other teams – but instead, whether the Seahawks would be interested in adding the veteran quarterback with starting experience.

“We are always competing,” Carroll said, providing one of his responses to such questions. “I’m not saying anything you didn’t think I’d say, but thankfully that’s the way we’ve always worked, and it’s appropriate again. So we’re looking. I don’t see we’re making a deal for anyone at all. I don’t expect that to happen. But we certainly do. We will continue to be open to opportunities to help our club, and at the same time we will fight and compete for our tails. There are always possibilities, so we are open to that.”

Mayfield’s expected departure from current Cleveland Browns and Seahawks options in the middle after the Russell Wilson deal – which includes Geno Smith and Drew Lock – has led to speculation that Mayfield could land in Seattle. While appearing on the “Ya Never Know” podcast last month, Mayfield guessed that Seattle would “most likely” be his potential landing spot.

Mayfield is set to make a guaranteed $19 million this season – one of the factors believed to be holding back his trading market – but could be signed for any amount should Brown be unable to find a trading partner and they are forced to release him.

The Seahawks didn’t draft the quarterback with any of their nine selections, leaving Smith and Locke both fighting to replace Wilson. Seattle also has a pair of developmental prospects in Jacob Eason and uncut free agent Levi Lewis of Louisiana Lafayette.

Commenting on not trading the veteran quarterback, Carroll was asked about the possibility of adding a player who could become a free agent.

“There’s no chance I’ll tell you anything more than I just told you, but I love you for trying,” said Carol, laughing. “Honestly, we will continue to look and see what is available, but only to help our club and try to improve us. If the same issue arises, we will be ready for it.”