Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy talks about the Amari Cooper trade, the departure of Randy Gregory, and more

Mike McCarthy feels your frustration.

He knows you’re wondering why the Cowboys didn’t get along with other teams in free agency, swinging away. He’s here to talk you over the edge.

Or at least try.

“We’re still in the top 15,” McCarthy said. “The first quarter isn’t quite over yet. If people are frustrated, well, sometimes the games are a little frustrating.

“We’ve definitely gone out on a tour of football and taking care of your sanity. Off our list, we have a mentality where we’re not going to throw the ball too deep with every shot.

“How does that compare to football?”

It is suitable. Will it satisfy the disgruntled audience?

What is your opinion?

McCarthy took the time on Saturday to discuss the Amari Cooper trade and what it means for Sir Lamb, the decision to release Lyle Collins and the unexpected defection of Randy Gregory. He talked about the first two outsiders to sign the Cowboys – recipient James Washington and defensive end Dante Fowler – and the importance of next month’s draft.

“This is a huge pilot class and huge for us as much as we want to maintain the integrity of our roster and how we are moving forward,” McCarthy said.

But first, Cooper and Collins.

“I mean, Amary Cooper is an amazing footballer,” McCarthy said. “He does some things that make him the best, especially his speed in the side-release is as good as I’ve worked with her before. It was a difficult and difficult decision.

Same with La’el. You don’t want to lose this kind of player. But when you talk about competition, there is also competition and challenge in the financial arena. You have to make business decisions that are in line with the dynamics of your roof. ”

Part of those decisions are about who else is in the place. The Cowboys believe Lamb is ready to take on Cooper’s role as the team’s main future. He’ll move to the wing and spend less time in the slot now that Cooper is gone.

“Look at his trajectory,” McCarthy said of Lamb. “Look at what he did from year one to year two. Now, he’s going to have to take another step.

“It will be a different step for him because there will be more interest in him. He will be more of a focal point for defence. But with this greater responsibility he will have more opportunities to improve even more.”

Gregory’s departure to Denver put the Cowboys in their wake. The emotions of many in the organization are crude, especially as the defensive end reached a verbal agreement to stay on before it exploded in 39 minutes on Tuesday.

McCarthy was hoping to keep Gregory with DeMarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons at the top seven. That was the goal. But the Cowboys’ head coach isn’t giving any hint that he feels betrayed or resents Gregory’s decision.

“I thought Randy was very influential for us on the football team last year, both on and off the field,” McCarthy said. “He’s a unique personality. I have so much love for Randy in our year and a half together.

“I learned this early in your career as a head coach, trust me, that you can burn off a lot of anxiety and emotion when you lose players to a financial competition. It happens.

“These are job opportunities for all the players and you want to see the players do a good job. They want to get the best they can. Sometimes, that just doesn’t align with your goals.

McCarthy is encouraged by the free agents the Cowboys have managed to keep up to this point and loves the “juice and blast” that comes with the Washington and Fowler extras. He talks about the culture that grew in his first two seasons as head coach.

“Every time I talk about our roster, I really like our locker room and watch how it continues to grow,” he said.

McCarthy is not naive. It does not diminish the impact of the players the team has traded, reduced or lost in the past few days. He doesn’t argue that the Cowboys are better today in terms of individual talent than they were on Monday when the negotiating window leading to free agency kicked in.

But team building isn’t just about individual talent. It’s about the roles the players take on and how that relates to the team. It’s about the young players on the roster taking more responsibility and incorporating talent from the draft class to keep things flowing.

“Our goal was to try to bring back many of our free customers, knowing that it would be difficult for some of them,” McCarthy said. “Hey, we knew it was going to be tough. We hope to finish strong.”

There is time.

McCarthy will tell you that the first quarter isn’t over yet.

Initial action

A look at the comings and goings of the Cowboys list for the past eight days.

Circulating (1): WR Amari Cooper

Cut (1): RT Lyle Collins

Detained (9): WR Michael Gallup, TE Dalton Schultz, TE Jeremy Sprinkle, S Malik Hawker, LP Layton Vander Eich, D. Dorrance Armstrong, WS R Noah Brown, LS Jake McQuaid, LP Luke Gifford

Additive (2): WR James Washington, De Dante Fowler

lost (3): De Randy Gregory, LG Conor Williams, WR Cedric Wilson


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