Daniel Jeremiah mocks Draft 2.0: Travon Walker and Drake London to the Giants in the top ten?

There’s only one week left until the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine – another week for the top clients to meet the NFL teams, be spurred on, and get through all of the field drills.

It also means it’s time for another wave of mock drafts before we raise or lower our players, thanks to rehearsals in Indianapolis.

So it’s no surprise that former NFL scout and current NFL Network draft expert Daniel Jeremiah released his fake second draft of the year on Tuesday.

We’ve been tracking the trends of the giants in various dummy drafts, but we also like to stop and take notes whenever a reputable draft expert releases a dummy. Not so much because they’re more accurate than anyone else, but it’s possible that their contacts around the league inform their choices and may give us insight into how the NFL feels about some players.

So let’s see who jeremiah mocked the giants.

5 – Travon Walker, Del, Georgia

Walker is considered a unique talent because of his size, athleticism, and versatility. The Giants need more playmakers in defense.

7 – via Chicago Bears – Drake London, WR, USC

The Giants seem very committed to giving Daniel Jones a fair rating in 2022. London has indoor/outdoor diversity and it would be a beast in the red.

Raptor Ideas

First, this is almost a nightmare scenario for the Giants, at least in terms of their offensive line. Evan Neal, Aidan Hutchinson, Kyle Hamilton and Ekim Ikuwono are all out of the game for the Giants.

This leaves us up to the third offensive lineman, or the best available player (who fills a need). Jeremiah took the unusual step of naming Travon Walker, the man of the Georgian defense line.

Personally, I am very skeptical of this choice for several reasons. The first is that this seems too high for Walker. He’s a good player, but he had his best year and only managed 6 sacks and 7.5 tackles to lose. Now, he may have just started thriving and this is his absolute ground. But also, I’m not sure if it really fits the Giants defense. Yes, they need EDGE’s help, but at 6-foot-5, 275 pounds (listed), and a game that relies more on linear power than aerodynamics, Walker will likely be a lineman in Martindale’s defense.

I’ll take a step back and suggest Jeremiah expects Walker to have an impressive mix and use this as an opportunity to get his name out there.

In the second pick, the nightmare continues and Northern Iowa’s Trevor Benning is put by the Panthers in sixth overall.

So Jeremiah went the Cincinnati Bengals road and put on a wide receiver.

I wouldn’t hate this in principle. I am on record as having wide receivers in the same estimation as Offensive Interventions, EDGEs, and Cornerbacks. Having players who can create a break, open up on time, widen receiving windows, catch the ball, and make plays is crucial to a modern attack. Just ask Joe Borough or Matt Stafford.

Is London the best receiver in the draft? Well, his size and ball skills will definitely earn him fans, and the injuries to Jameson Williams and John Mitchell III will help him as well. London is a big, sporty city (he’s played USC basketball too), which is definitely an upgrade over Darius Slayton. giants Act Need a reliable receiving option no matter who’s throwing the ball.

The way this draft works will of course leave the Giants without an offensive lineman from the first round. The good news is that the offensive streak is deep this year.

  • Players like Bernhard Raimann, Rasheed Walker, Max Mitchell or Daniel Faalele could be Day Two picks who are legitimate starters in right tackle.
  • Zion Johnson, Sean Rhyan, Jamaree Salyer or Darian Kinnard can start at either of the two sentry positions.
  • Johnson, Alec Lindstrom, Brock Hoffman, Luke Fortner or Cole String could be potential centers for the giants.

It’s easy to sit here and claim an offensive line (or two) in the top 10. But there’s no guarantee that a third, fourth, or fifth tackle from the board will be better than a tackle crafted at the top of the second round.

If the Giants spent all three of their second-day picks on offensive navigators, they’d still address OL.

I’m sure everyone reading this hates Jeremiah’s sarcasm. But at least this gives us a chance to look at different players we haven’t seen taunted by the giants a thousand times already.