Delarrin Turner-Yell reflects on playing at OU

Coming into the 11-2 season, the Oklahoma Sooners have a huge amount of talent going to the next level. Safety Delarrin Turner-Yell is one of five Starters the Sooners lose from the 2021 defense. As a three-year rookie, his experience and understanding of the game became an invaluable asset to Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, Turner started 32 games, recording 190 total tackles and four interceptions, including three in 2021, a season in which he missed three games with a hamstring injury.

It was a career that may not have ended as he or his teammates would have liked, but he came out with three Big 12 championships and won 2-0 in a ball game over Florida and Oregon. An injury in preparation for the 2019 Peach Bowl forced him to sit in the College Football Playoff semifinals.

In the first part of our interview with Turner-Yell, he describes how his time with the Oklahoma Sooners helped shape his future in the NFL.

“I feel that the experience of starting at the University of Oklahoma for three years in a row has really helped me grow as a man because it has also helped me deal with difficult situations and be able to get over the hump,” Turner Yall said. .

Each player faces the harsh realities of rising in the competition. Whether it’s from high school to college level, from B team to A team, or from college to the NFL. Along the way, there is a realization of opportunity in front of you.

For Turner-Yell, that realization came when he got his first chance to start. It wasn’t easy and he’s been described as having growing pains, but knowing this was his chance to shine helped him move on, learn from his mistakes and work on getting better.

“I couldn’t figure out things like that. The first season I started was my sophomore class. I was still a bit young on the show.” “But in the end, whenever I had the chance to be able to start and be able to play, I had to be able to understand how important that was. How big was the opportunity. I wanted to be able to make the most of it.”

Former defensive coordinator Alex Grinch helped Turner-Yell understand what it means to play at the University of Oklahoma. “Coach Grinch just sat me down, and he talked to me about the importance of being able to play at the University of Oklahoma. How important that was, the size of the deal, and it really allowed me to look at it from a different perspective.”

The beginning of the first year journey can be both ups and downs. Not every practice will be clean, but even bad practices help players learn and grow to be better players as they progress.

It was watching the movie and learning the importance of watching the movie that pushed him over the hump in his understanding and handling of the game.

“There have been times where we’ll be in training, everyone has bad training, and there are going to be days where it’s, ‘Okay, OK, how do I get over the hump. I’m just starting to learn the importance of watching a movie. Because once you watch a movie about the things you screw up, you can easily see what I could have done to be a step faster. Just go back and see how I can correct the things I screw up in. And the biggest way to do that is to watch the movie. To watch Yourself messing around. To see what steps you could have taken. Where should your eyes have been to be able to do this play?”

Getting started as a sophomore wasn’t the easiest task, but for Turner-Yell, it was the testing grounds that helped him grow even more during his time in Oklahoma.

“I feel like it helped me grow as a man because, you know, in life, you tend to go through things that you don’t really know what the outcome will be or how you are going to overcome them. But through that it has helped me overcome such things in life.”

After a successful career that culminated in the second team’s All-Big 12 and All-Big 12 academic picks, Turner-Yell can take what he learned in college and apply it as he takes the next step in his football career: NFL scouting combine, which begins March 1 in Indianapolis .

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