Deshaun Watson can be impeached in some civil suits

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson could face questions in nine, a Texas judge ruled on Monday.

Watson’s attorney filed a request last week to delay Watson’s testimony beyond April 1, when a decision is expected on potential criminal charges against him. This request was partially denied.

Watson can now be questioned under oath over allegations of sexual harassment and assault during massage sessions in nine civil lawsuits. The women who brought the nine cases, according to the report, have not filed a criminal complaint against Watson and have already been impeached in their cases.

“Team Deshaun Watson claims loudly and publicly that he is innocent and wants nothing more than to clear his name, but he refuses to sit in a room and confront his accusers and answer questions under oath,” attorney for all 22 women, Tony Busby, said in a statement.

“Today [Watson] He sought further delay. However, despite his efforts, the court ruled that, at least with respect to the first nine plaintiffs, there would be no further delay.”

While he can be impeached, Watson’s attorney said he will likely use his Fifth Amendment right while criminal charges are still possible.

“The attorney’s duty is to protect the client, and while a criminal investigation is going on, it is fair to wait to see whether or not it will lead to charges before deciding whether to give someone testimony,” his attorney, Rusty Harden, said.

There was an alleged settlement offer of a civil lawsuit leaked last month, though nothing came of it. Before Watson played again anywhere, if at all, .

Watson did not play for the Texans last season after the allegations were made, and the NFL is currently investigating. He requested a trade in early 2021, and there were rumors of him landing with the Miami Dolphins, but nothing came of it. Watson’s time with Texas “probably” is over.

So while he can speak out in several lawsuits, it doesn’t look like much of the legal issues surrounding Batson will happen for about another month.

While he can be impeached, Deshaun Watson isn’t likely to say much under oath with possible criminal charges. (Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)