Dodgers-Reds preview: Major Leagues are getting smaller now

The Dodgers kick off a nine-game wild ride Tuesday night against the Reds at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, the first time this season that Los Angeles will have “only” 13 active bowlers on the roster.

Monday was the day the MLB imposed a cap of 13 pitchers, a rule in place since the start of 2020, but has been relaxed in the last two seasons under health and safety protocols. Teams had a limit of 14 shooters from May 2 through Sunday.

Caleb Ferguson was put on the hit list to cut the Dodgers down to a dozen baker (the team hasn’t officially announced his injury yet), which means eight cuts after using nine and 11 bullseyes for the first 40 percent of the class.

White Sox coach Ethan Katz spoke to James Fegan at The Athletic about the growth of bulls in recent years, and the trend to use more shooters in shorter bursts:

“When you look at bits of bulls, they are high octane,” Katz said, referring to the high voltage that roles require nowadays. “Guys do a lot. Guys would rather do single runs (turns) and do them, than do multiple ones. It’s hard to come back after kind of blown up. It’s a lot different now about how players are made up and what they can do. It makes it hard to ask for more. who are they “.

The use of bowling gear and shooting poles is largely a limit point of 13 throws, which was supposed to come into effect again in 2020. Moving away from increasing the importance of each court could force bowlers to speed themselves up, potentially longer than picnics For beginners and in relief manifestations. The hope is that this will at least lower your hit rates, put more balls in play and a more fun and less stagnant game.

Having “only” eight active painkillers, and sometimes only seven if the Dodgers call for an immediate start or two during this 20-game period in 20 days that begins Tuesday, means a shift in the types of how some painkillers are used.

Active current Dodgers bullpen

jar Toys Multi IP the runs K rate. BB . rate era xERA FIP
jar Toys Multi IP the runs K rate. BB . rate era xERA FIP
Craig Kimbrel 22 1 21 34.0% 11.3% 4.71 2.74 2.32
Daniel Hudson 23 2 23 26.1% 5.4% 2.35 2.70 2.09
Prosdar Graterol 27 7 30 21.0% 8.1% 3.90 2.70 3.56
Alex Physia LHB 26 1 20⅔ 29.3% 9.8% 3.48 3.29 2.45
Evan Phillips 25 4 25⅔ 31.4% 7.8% 2.10 2.82 2.82
Forget the Monte 12 6 16 30.6% 9.7% 1.13 2.15 2.69
Phil Bickford 21 2 19⅔ 18.2% 3.9% 4.12 4.27 4.30
David Price Lhp 14 5 14⅔ 28.1% 4.7% 4.30 3.38 3.95

The Dodgers have played 39 relief games with at least four players this season. Only three teams took off from the exit.

Brusdar Graterol leads the way with seven multi-role games, although only one came out in June. Same for Yency Almonte, who has appeared in six such matches, but only once this month.

Deploying use during the time of thrower limits expansion or lack thereof has worked well so far for Dodgers. They only have three loyalists in the MLB Top 100 in games, and tied Graterol tops them at 40th with his 27 appearances. The LA Bullpen ranks eighth in the majors in the ERA (3.41), and fourth in FIP (3.29) and FanGraphs WAR (3.0).

Starting at 20 games in 20 days, the Bullpen will be heavily used, but the Dodgers have Tony Johnslin on the hill to get things started on Tuesday. Gonsolin and his 1.42 ERA are on a six-day break, and he’s been incredibly consistent this year, running at least six runs in each of his last six starts.

game info

  • Teams: The Dodgers (40-25) in the Reds (23-43)
  • Pitchers: Tony Gonsulin vs. Tyler Mahley
  • Location: Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati
  • Time: 3:40 PM Pacific Time
  • Television: SportsNet LA