Drew the Cubs to sign Smiley

Cubs and beginners Drew Smiley They agree to a one-year contract with a mutual option of a second year. Year one carries a $4.25 million base with a $1 million purchase on a 2023 mutual option. So, Smyly guarantees $5.25 million over one season with an additional $2.5 million available in potential incentives. The two sides were reportedly close to reaching an agreement yesterday.

Smyly should actually get a chance to grab the hill in Cubbie blue this time around: He previously signed a two-year loaded deal with Cubs when recovering from Tommy John’s surgery prior to the 2018 season. He spent that year rehab with the organization without ever appearing inside the game.

After the season ended, the Cubs tackled Smyly to the Rangers in a bit of money acrobatics. At that time, the cubs were trying to come back Cole Hummels, who had a possession option that Texans were in trouble to pay if the Cubs did not accept the team option. The Rangers were essentially given the option to pay off the $6 million purchase of Hummels, or take Smyly and his $7 million deal for one year.

The Rangers chose to avoid dead money and add Smyly to their rotation. Even if the Texans’ hand was somewhat forced, they needed a bet, and Smyly seemed a fair and affordable bet to bounce back from Tommy John’s surgery. Unfortunately, he never found a foothold with the Rangers, scoring 8.42 ERAs across 51 1/3 innings, leading to his release in June.

Since then, Swing has become a mercenary, ending the 2019 season with the Phillies, spending his short 2020 with the Giants, then winning the World Championship ring as part of the Braves last season. He made 23 appearances and appeared in 29 games for the Braves, recording 126 2/3 innings during the regular season. Smyly hasn’t rotated post-season, but has appeared in three games while running, including twice at the World Championships.

For the Cubs, Smyly could help fill out a rotation that’s improved from last year’s unit, but he still faces a number of questions. Marcus StrowmanAnd the Kyle HendricksAnd the Valley Miley They make up three veterans at the front, but there’s not much outside this veteran trio, especially with the recent news that Managed Zulai The year will start on the list of the infected. Smyly becomes the lead candidate for fourth place in the rotation, and given the money secured in his deal, it’s a safe bet to at least start the season in the rotation.

looking over his shoulder, Alec MillsAnd the Stephen BraultAnd the Justin SteelAnd the Keegan ThompsonAnd the Corey AbbottAnd the Anderson EspinosaAnd the Praline Marquez They are the other potential candidates for rotation. underline, Caleb KillianAnd the Ryan JensenAnd the Riley ThompsonAnd the Alexandre Vizcaino They are potential customers who have some pedigree and can play in rotation minutes.

Ken Rosenthal of Athletic (Via Twitter(The initial news of the deal broke, while MLB Network’s John Hyman)Via Twitter) Added initial financial terms. Mark Vinsand MLB.com Submitted Mutual option details.