Dynasty Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings: Patience will be required with Trey McBride and Greg Dulcich


In Fantasy Football, no center has been affected by the 2022 NFL Draft more than the tight end. Whoever was in the top five two months ago is still in the top five. Nine of the top ten are still in the top ten, with Noah Fant being the only exception. And that had nothing to do with the draft, but rather to do with his petty projection becoming a reality.

The flip side of that is that Trey McBride and Greg Dulcich are the only rookies to make it into the top 30 in the rankings below. And neither was found in the top 18. This is not a complete surprise. Neither of them was drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft and tight ends are notoriously slow to make an impact in the imagination, despite what Kyle Bates and Pat Fryermouth did in 2021. Add the fact that McBride joined Zach Erts in Arizona while Dolcic will fight Albert Okwuegbunam is in Denver, and it’s easy to see why we didn’t expect much ahead of time.

Just don’t take this as having no value. McBride and Dulcich must both go on the junior drafts before the end of the third round, and both must last at least two years before you break them up. Dalton Schultz and Dallas Goodert are a great example of why you’ll want to stick with young, talented tight ends even if they aren’t given much in the way of fantasy production. Cole Kem may be the next to illustrate this point.

Kmet was probably the biggest winner in the draft from a fantasy perspective. The Bears didn’t add anyone challenging his role as Justin Fields’ No. 2 target. The 23-year-old has already shown his ability to hit the ground running, hitting 93 in 2021. The key in 2022 will be to start making it to the finish zone. He has only two touchdowns on 137 career goals. For reference, Freirmuth scored seven times on 79 goals last season.

There are reasons to hope that Kmet’s landing luck will improve. Justin Fields should be a better midfielder, the offense is likely to be more creative, Jimmy Graham is gone. While the latter sounds like a joke, it isn’t. More than a third of Graham’s 23 goals in the past year came in the red. Assuming Kmet sees more looks in a better system with a better midfielder, the biggest breakthrough of 2022 could be on a tight end, proving the virtue of patience with small tight ends once again.

Here are my updated Dynasty ratings on the tight end: