Eagles All-22 movie review: Jordan Mailata boasts All-Pro’s capabilities

Another week, another player movie review. I’ll only do a little before we really start getting into free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft. This was fun to do. Jordan Mailata has been one of the biggest success stories of all time and I was excited to research the tape. Despite watching the offense all year, I’d be lying if I said I focused on a single offensive lineman on a consistent basis, so it’s good to go back and watch some of them individually.

Before I got to Malata, after seeing a lot of Eagles offensive line in the past few weeks (I wrote about Dickerson 2 weeks agoI had the pleasure of seeing Lynne Johnson and Jason Kelsey again. Kelce is so oddly athletic that he gets a lot of the credit, but I thought Lynn Johnson was incredibly good and still the Eagles’ best offensive man at this point. I’m not going to write about Lynn but I just wanted to shout out to him because oh my gosh, he was so good last season.

Let’s get to Mailata. This is fun, enjoy!

Statistics / System Feedback

They’re all from PFF, as usual.

– 951 snaps. 817 of them are in the LT, 134 of them are in the RT. Started at RT 5/6 weeks.

– 88 total PFF score. 83 traffic block, 88 operating block.

The efficiency of blocking passes is 97.1, ranked 31 in the league. Lynne Johnson ranked second.

– 88 running blocks 5th row between interventions.

– 3 kicks allowed, 2 hits, 20 wheels.

– 7 total penalty kicks, and ranks 20th in the top league among interventions.

strength point

+ He has an insane level of strength and power. I really mean crazy too. He has an amazing power. People will move physically in the running game and even when swiping for protection. A rare level of combination of size and strength.

In RT in the first clip

+ Extremely athletic and great in space as a running barrier. He will constantly reach the second level quickly and can reach the second level after helping with a double team at the beginning

+ Great for power / meter operation as it is used as a magnet.

+ Aggressive in protecting passes, raises his hands early and wants to hit the first punch.

+ Demonstrate that it can be versatile and play in RT if needed. He played well in professional passing in two games in RT.

+ He plays with a very good level of aggression and ugliness and will finish playing strong. This goes well with the rest of the Eagles OL

+ He can use his chassis to move between the ball carrier and the defensive line man without obstructing someone. The Eagles know this well and Lynne Johnson is excellent at this too.

Weak points

– An impulsive vet can sometimes beat him with an excellent hand

-His only weak point in passing protection was he’s good at rushing out, and he tends to stoop forward at times.

– He can still see the technical flaws in his game, he has actors where he’s only trying to win hard


Jordan Millata still has a lot of work to do technically, but he’s already a great attacking lineman despite only playing for two years. He’s already a key player in his position and is an absolutely integral part of the Eagles’ running game. Protecting his passes still requires some work and prevents him from being in the absolute elite for the position yet, but he’s not too far behind. Make eagles like this Good decision, lock him up early. Jeff Stutland deserves tremendous credit for developing Mailata. What a wonderful job he did.

the future

I feel like that’s a pretty easy drop, right? Mailata is really very good but I think it could reach all the potential of a pro if it sorted out some technical issues with its pass protection. He may never be a true technical due to his lack of experience in the sport, but his odd combination of size and strength enables him to shine in passing protection most of the time.

Not to say that either, but after closely following his career as an international, he really does seem like a really good guy. I have watched a lot of his interviews and it is clear that he enjoys receiving solid training from the Al Nosour team and he knows if he has a lot to learn. If he keeps working hard and trying to solve his problems, the sky really is the limit. There are no physical limitations with Mailata at all, it is simply a case of will it will still be very good or could be better due to its technical limitations at the moment. Personally, I am very excited to watch him continue to develop and can’t wait to watch him play for the Al-Nusour for a number of years.