Engraving every MLB in Homer At The Bat (and who couldn’t get it)

The Simpsons convinced Jose Canseco, Wade Boggs, and a host of MLB stars to fake themselves, but Nolan Ryan and others rejected the episode.

It’s been 30 years since then The Simpsons Some of Major League Baseball’s biggest stars were brought to Springfield for the classic episode “Homer At The Bat,” but not every player the show came close to appearing at the outing. Even among the world of sitcoms, The Simpsons She is famous for making fun of her guest stars. Conners They could poke fun at Aaron Rodgers as they liked, but the Springfield First Family set the gold standard when it came to shows that bring in celebrities, only to roast them mercilessly for the gag.

Many of these guests have proven to be surprisingly playful when it comes to the iconic series making fun of them. early in the show, The Simpsons Guest stars have often appeared playing original characters, as has been the case in appearances by Dustin Hoffman and Michael Jackson. However, with the show entering its so-called golden age in season three, The Simpsons They used to get celebrities to play parody of themselves – a trend that epitomized in one classic episode.

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In “Homer At The Bat” (season 3, episode 16), Homer’s incredible winning streak sees the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant baseball team defy expectations and end up in a championship showdown against Shelbyville. legendary Simpsons Writer John Schwarzwelder’s script for the episode quickly jeopardizes this hot round, even though the power-hungry Mr. Burns hires some of Major League Baseball’s biggest stars to “work” at the factory just so he can use them on his team. The outline backfires as a series of increasingly ridiculous coincidences resurrect the original team as the unfortunate fate of all new plant acquisitions. The inspiring episode managed to lure a number of top sports stars to play ominous versions of themselves, though a handful of players also turned down the opportunity to appear on the infamous outing.

Daryl Strawberry

Daryl Strawberry Simpson

While a lot of celebrities played themselves The SimpsonsFew have been as open to sarcasm as Daryl Strawberry. Prior to appearing on the series, Strawberry was instrumental in winning the 1986 New York Mets World Championship, while the player achieved after three appearances in the Yankees World Championship during the 1990s. He wasn’t flabby in the comedy department either, as Strawberry played an arrogant parody and fawning over himself on The Simpsons And nailing the hard role. As Homer’s replacement on the Factory team, Strawberry is a uniquely unwanted game and the athlete plays the perfectionist, making it all the more hilarious when one of Burns’ bogus decisions leads to him being sued and eventually being replaced by Homer second.

Don Mattingly

Don Mattingly, a six-time NBA All-Star and three-time Silver Slugger, has no shortage of impressive accomplishments in baseball. However, The SimpsonsThe guest star’s mockery can be said to be as impressive as any of his legendary accomplishments thanks to a strange prediction. When I watched the episode Mr. Burns be trapped Mattingly ‚ÄúTrim those sideburnsWriters cannot know that they were starting a decades-long theory The SimpsonsIt can predict the future. Sure enough, just a year later, Mattingly was put off the bench by Yankees head coach Merrill on matchday for refusing to cut his hair at the last minute.

Jose Canseco


A MVP in 1986 and MVP in 1988, Jose Canseco is also a six-time All-Star, thus earning his place in baseball history. However, to my viewers The SimpsonsHe is known as one of the many guest stars who made life difficult for the show’s creators. Originally, Kanseko’s self-parody was set to sleep with one of the few characters who was murdered by The SimpsonsKrabappel, causing a very important match to be missed. However, his then-wife objected and Canseco wanted it to be portrayed more heroically, forcing the writer’s room to change his story.

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Ken Griffey Jr.


The gorgeous Ken Griffey Jr., a 13-time All-Star winner, was the last active player to appear on “Homer at the Bat.” However, despite his impressive athletic acumen, the athlete struggled when it came to acting challenges. Specifically, Griffey Jr had trouble with his now famous streak”It feels like there’s a party in my mouth – and everyone is invited!Although the quote ended up being one of the episode’s most memorable moments. Fortunately, his father, fellow MLB star Ken Griffey Sr., was able to coach his son through taping, resulting in an incredibly funny cameo. is forgotten.

Wade Boggs


While The SimpsonsBarney Gumble may have a pretty sad story when it comes to the series as a whole, the troubled barfly pal Homer has a few moments to be proud of. He successfully woke up, won the Springfield Film Festival despite stiff competition from Mr. Burns, and even fired baseball star Wade Boggs in an argument about British political figures. This is no small feat, as the Boggs have been elected to both the Red Sox Hall of Fame and Baseball Hall of Fame twelve times, none of that matters when he is left unconscious on the court of Bar Moe.

Steve Sachs


Five-time All-Star Award winner Steve Sacks can also boast being named Rookie of the Year for 1982 and Silver Slugger for 1986. Sadly, none of that could stop The SimpsonsPolice Chief Wigam has been jailed indefinitely on charges that were not clear at best. San has been arrested for every unsolved crime in New York history, he may have earned an additional accolade for being the most underrated guest star in the episode when he was told he apparently “Watching a lot of moviesIn response to his request to contact a lawyer.

The baseball stars who turned the Simpsons up

The Simpsons Homer at Bats

Understandably, given the fate of the characters featured in the series, some Major League Baseball stars have declined the opportunity to appear. The Simpsons. Eight-time star Ricky Henderson, Carlton Fisk, and Nolan Ryan all chose not to appear on “Homer at the Bat,” joining the long list of celebrities who turned down The Simpsons at the height of the show. While it’s hard to question the sporting acumen of the aforementioned quartet, it’s also hard to deny that the group missed out on being a part of television history by rejecting the episode as proven by the continued popularity of “Homer in the Bat” even decades later. The Simpsons The episode that originally aired.

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