Eric DeCosta has the Ravens team that is poised to be one of the most successful and consistent teams over the next three years.

Eric DeCosta has crows to me Become one of the most successful and consistent teams for the next 3 years

Eric DeCosta is universally considered one of the best general managers in the NFL. In the opinion of two The Ringer analysts, DeCosta is in the top two.

Stephen Ruiz placed DeCosta first in GM’s 2022 rankings, while Ben Solak ranked second in DeCosta’s rankings.

Ruiz noted that prior to DeCosta taking over as GM in 2019 when Ozzie Newsome transitioned to Executive Vice President, he played a key role in the front office for years as Director of People and Assistant General Manager.

“From 2011 onwards, 2010s onwards, I think Eric DeCosta has his fingerprints all over that roster, and the Ravens are good every year,” Ruiz said on the “The Ringer NFL Show” podcast. “Last year they were the most injured team ever and they still probably went through the playoffs.”

Solak, who ranked DeCosta after only Buffalo Bills’ Brandon Bean, said: “Both Beane and DeCosta have done an incredible job about who exactly the quarterback is. [QB’s] Strengths and weaknesses. They both did an excellent job catering to the needs of a defensive coordinator with specific body types and roles. Ravens, in particular, have been impressed by their desire to move forward from some players [such as] Godon died in order to allow a young man to step in and keep the cover healthy. Right now, I’d say the Ravens have a much healthier hood than the Bills and that’s to their advantage because they and the bills are looking down the barrel of a massive quarterback from the second decade.”

Solak also praised DeCosta for having significant value in trading for Calais Campbell and Marcus Peters as well as setting up the Ravens for success over the next several years.

“All the things other GM can hang their hats on, it looks like DeCosta can hang his hat on every single one of them,” Sulak said. “Would it be cool to pin a Mar Jackson appearance for the championship game? Sure. I think we’ll get there. I feel comfortable and confident putting DeCosta in this place and saying over the next three years the Ravens will be one of the most successful and consistent teams, ‘No need. To worry about that, we’re going to be a good football team,’ and that’s because of how well they’ve built the roster.”

Surprisingly enough, Kevin Clark of The Ringer didn’t have DeCosta in his top 10.

“If I’m operating by my standards, the last two years plus next year and maybe a dash into 2024, DeCosta is a good GM, not a great GM,” Clark said.

However, Clark said DeCosta would be at the top of the list of GMs he would hire tomorrow if he were an owner.

“The job that Eric DeCosta and Ozzy Newsom did on Lamar Jackson is one of the best team building jobs I’ve seen in modern football since the merger,” Clark said. “They have changed everything and produced the best player and team that will be successful going forward.”