Galina: Why QB Malik Willis is the 2022 NFL Draft’s biggest unknown | NFL Draft

He has the tools but does he have the talent? Excuse me for referring to a 35-year-old movie, but the idea fits a quarterback Malik Willis to the tee. There is no better soccer pitcher or runner in 2022 NFL Draft. The Liberty can run a mile with steam trails off a soccer ball and might be the best runaway in its class, regardless of position. However, the question is whether its tools are sufficient for a player who needs to greatly improve their ability to find open receivers.

Willis may be the “I can fix” quarterback all the time.

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The projections run in full series with Willis, and we can see the tides at]where he’s been landing in the phantom drafts over the past year courtesy of Benjamin Robinson Grinding the Mocks:

His most recent appearance is due to Senior Bowl’s elite show, where he graduated 90.9 in all three drills and a game. This was the highest score for a quarterback among the six who participated in Mobile, Alabama. He’s tied for the fourth-highest score by a Senior Bowl quarterback since the PFF began charting practices and the game. It tracks Ian Book, Kellen Mond and Baker Mayfield and is linked to Jarrett Stidham, so it’s hard to find a common theme for NFL success after the high scores in the All-Star Game.

His landing in the draft boards during the 2021 college football season is even more concerning. As Willis’s latest off-season hype began to gain momentum, he raised the bills’ drafts leading up to the 2021 campaign. The PFF’s scouting report on him after the 2020 season highlighted the promise of his athletic talent but also concerns:

“… Willis has the best athletic qualities in the country because of his arm strength and elite pace. He’s not fast with a quarterback, he’s perfectly fast. They are hard to handle in the open field and can fit into any determined quarterback running scheme. His accuracy needs to improve and needs to be anticipated. Things got a little faster. The abuse didn’t make him do a lot of hard readings but when he had to, he could have made up his mind quicker.”

Mathematical description Willis remains spot on. It is electric. The two sentences about his tack were a bit rich. It’s not very good. Vision and expectations are not based on the film. Liberty certainly had concerns about the offensive line. The unit’s pass-blocking efficiency rating in 2021 ranked 101 in the country when we excluded regional certification organizations. However, Willis invites a lot of pressure to turn around in the jeep and then try to escape late – which he can often do.

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