‘Game Changed:’ Beckett is excited to show that the sport is heading into training camp

Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Beckett might not blow anyone away with his physical attributes. But he realizes that his athleticism is part of his game that can help him adjust to the level of the NFL. The ease with which he escaped from his pocket and used his legs when needed helped him spend a historic year in a house.

It’s also what caught the eye of the Steelers, who haven’t seen much of a stunt in the quarterback in the past two seasons with the aging of Ben Roethlisberger. Beckett is confident that his young age and ability to make games can provide the Steelers with the shock they so desperately want.

“I think it’s definitely an aspect of my game that I’m excited to showcase,” Beckett said. Interview with retired NFL gambler and media personality Pat McAfee Pat McAfee Show Tuesday. “I think the game has changed as you look around the league, a lot of players are athletic and extend games and that’s why a lot of the big games happen. It was something that coach (Mark) Whipple really helped in my game – to keep my eyes on the pitch and find receivers and perform time. Big. That’s something I think I’ll definitely use on Coach (Matt) Canada’s attack. He naturally combines it with the way he moves the jeep and does a lot of cool things. So I’m excited to kind of show this camp.”

Given that the NCAA endorsed the “Kenny Beckett Rule” in late April, the fake slide that McAfee is referring to is probably Beckett’s most famous play throughout his college career. And while it drew criticism from all over the world, it’s still fun to look back and get a sense of just how cool it is. Stopping all the momentum and then putting it back into high gear in a race to the finish zone is a no-brainer for many players. And while Beckett will never be able to use this specific move again, the realization that he can do an impressive play here and there is what is really important.

In addition, Beckett has never been shy about calling. He actually adopted him into his final year at Pete, most notably in the first scramble down to help beat the Clemson standing force at Heinz Field. This kind of extra effort type of play is what can lead him to instant success whenever he gets the starting job. While he may never have been known for his athleticism, there is reason to believe he had enough to sway a win, and that’s all that really matters.