Game Thread: Missouri Spring Game


First Quarter Notes

  • Mizu and Brady Cook start with the ball.
  • Tyler McConne is thrown slightly below him by a crossing, resulting in an upside-down go-to by red-shirted DB freshman Dylan Carnell who is sent back for a landing.
  • Elijah Young, Dominic Lovett, J.J. Hester all took their first defeats in the following lead led by McConne, and Nathaniel Peet moved from Stanford to 21 yards for a touchdown. The Macon looked more comfortable, and we also saw the triple option give a modified look.
  • You love to see it. Darius Robinson with a big intervention for the loss, but Luther Borden responds with a flick of a finger on the sideline to keep Mezzo’s leadership going.
  • Joseph Charleston with nice handling of the loss. The Clemson transmission looks comfortable, especially when going downhill.
  • Mizzou’s team leads as the first quarter ends.

Second quarter notes

  • Charleston makes another great play, this time reading a deep pass to Burden and flipping the interception for himself in the end zone.
  • Jason Skivers and Isaiah McGuire unite to get a sack that ends the subsequent drive.
  • Freshman Mekhi Miller gets into the action, running a pass from Cook down the sideline down for the first time, similar to Burden’s previous tap.
  • Luther Burden leans into the finish zone, working against the safety and back he was covering. Another great play from WR #1 in last year’s category.
  • Dominic Lovett takes a pass across the field and turns it into 70+ yards with his pace.
  • Next, Lovett takes a ground pass for a 21-yard fall, capping an impressive lead from the sophomore.
  • Chance Luper burns his leg on the court and Brady Cook throws him a perfect ball to give Team Mizzou the lead.
  • Tyler McConne with Lovett’s nice throw again for big gains.
  • Elijah Young sealed a balanced campaign for the Tigers with a beautiful cut in the end zone, tying the game just before the break.
  • While performing the 45-second workout, Cook gruelly hits a line down the middle of the field, then out of bounds. Luper follows this by grabbing the toe.
  • Barrett Bannister takes out the defender and dives to the end zone to regain the lead before the first half.

Third Quarter Notes

  • McConne’s Underball throws a deep ball to Tauskie Dove, but he adapts to catch it.
  • The Taj Potts hit the ball into the end zone to tie the match at 28 to open the game.
  • Cody Schrader becomes the last to run back to touch the ball, and he shows some rush to make good wins.
  • Do these two great Schrader runs. It bears the burden on this leadership, and it boasts of its versatility.

Fourth Quarter Notes

  • Cody Schrader with a fierce run into the end zone to beat the dominant leadership.
  • Macon once again finds the Tauskie Dove for a deep ball, this time more accurate. And do you look at that, he finds Dove on a dull road in the end zone. The Tigers go for two to take the lead just ahead of 4:35 from the left, but a poor shot halted play.
  • Macon will get a shot with 1:45 left.
  • Dylan Karnell picks McConne to have his second international IQ in the game and snatches it for the Meizu team.

time: 1:00 CST

History: Saturday 19 March

television: SECN +

where: Forot Field, Columbia, Missouri