Hawkeye players meet the media as summer training begins

The Hawkeyes Basketball team is back in training to prepare for the fruitful 2022-2023 season. On Tuesday, a few players took some time to meet with the media to discuss some of the most important events. Let’s dive into some quick results. There will be stories over the next few days about interviews.

**Ahron Ulis has focused on his primary focus this season being his fast shooting and vocal driving. The third-year points guard said that with Jordan Bohannon and Joe Toussaint in the mix, he wanted to give energy off the bench, but let the captains drive. With the possibility of him stepping into the starting role, he mentioned that he wants to make his voice heard this year on both ends of the floor and be someone his teammates can count on.

**Patrick McCaffrey says one of his biggest focuses this season is playing on two legs. He realized that there were times when he got too fancy with his foot movement and played with one foot. He wants to play with more control as well as take and win more triples. He thinks the team will have a lot of players who can go up and hit more triples. McCaffrey thinks Payton Sandfort can hit three three-pointers as well as he did during his freshman season. That would be on his way to 102.

** Riley Mulvey says it was an added motive that Iowa was chasing a big guy at the gate and didn’t land anyone. He said it’s up to him and Josh Ogondale to step up this season and next and prove they deserve to hold the position. Mulvey says he’s had a rough patch in his new season, but he wants to be a dominant defender in the low position.

** McCaffrey said Keegan Murray’s top five projections are a testament to his hard work. He said that if you asked him in August of Keegan’s first year, he wouldn’t believe that he would be among the top five in the future. McCaffrey also suggested that if Keegan was a year or two younger he would be a first or second choice overall, but there is a lot of bias with younger expectations.

** Tony Perkins said he’s hitting the ball pretty well now. After joining the starting lineup, he started to really gain his confidence and know he can contribute at a high level. He wants to keep improving his three-point shot and says the stuck shoulder injury is 100% healthy.

**Filip Rebraca has regained his bragging rights over the past month. Ulis suggested that Rebraca hits the ball at a higher level than he did last year and plays some of the most consistent basketball he’s had during his time at Iowa. Rebraca also said that he understands how those responsible for the Big Ten are working and believes he will contribute to increased production next season.

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