How are Nick Bossa and Debo Samuel’s contract statuses different?

Carrie Edmondson USA Today Sports

San Francisco 49ers star Nick Bossa and Depo Samuel are next when it comes to anticipating a major extension from the organization, as both have vastly exceeded expectations on their way to becoming high up in their positions.

However, while both star players are of the same tier and could get extensions after the third NFL season, there are some contractual differences between the two cases for the 49ers.

Nick Bossa

Bosa has certainly had a trip during his brief NFL career, having battled through two ACL tears – his first in high school, his second in 2020 – and then a severe core muscle injury that occurred during his final season of college, Continuing to excel when on the field, he picked up 15.5 sacks last season despite facing multiple double- and even triple-teams from defences.

However, since Bossa was a first-round pick, he has a fifth-year, $17 million option that 49 people have already picked, meaning the organization still has two years left on his rookie contract.

In addition, similar to his brother Joey Bossa, who waited until completing his fourth year in the NFL, the 24-year-old can bet on himself for a year hoping for a higher salary and contract guarantees, although it comes to risk injury.

Bosa’s contract is set to be one of the biggest in NFL history for a defensive lineman, especially after TJ Watt earned the Pittsburgh Steelers a $28 million average annual value (AAV) extension prior to last year, and it could be 49ers are better off making a deal sooner rather than later.

Bosa’s previous injury risks could prompt the two sides to negotiate a contract extension this off-season, but his dominant play while in good health, including his 15.5 sack season last year that came off a rip in the AFC Champions League, could also motivate the No. Wait season, given that the extension will not start immediately.

Debo Samuel

Samuel is in a very different position contractually, as he was a second-round pick, meaning his starter deal does not include the coveted fifth-year option, allowing Samuel to hit a free agency in 2023 after completing his four-year deal.

In addition, Samuel has made significantly less profit in his career, with his start-up deal being worth $7.2 million over four years, while Nick Bosa’s deal being worth $33.5 million over the four years, including nearly $22.5 million in bonus A signature, plus a fully guaranteed fifth year option for $17.8 million.

With no contract guarantees on his current deal, Samuel and the 49ers are certainly looking toward an extension this season, along with teammates Terry McLaurin and DK Metcalfe with their respective teams.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler stated that the star receiver had not officially canceled his trade order from the 49ers, which could leave a bad taste in fans’ mouths; Fowler admitted that the last bit of relevant information was Samuel reporting to training camp, as opposed to his fourth-year colleagues seeking an extension, noting that the relationship had turned for the better, if it wasn’t already.

Whether it’s the off-season or beyond, Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel should remain at forty-nine for the upcoming seasons with important extensions, placing them among the highest-paid players in their respective positions.

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