How are the 2022 Mets Hitters going so far

Photography by Roberto Carlo

As of June 21, the New York Mets currently sit at the top of Major League Baseball in both batting average (.261) and on base percentage (.334), which has helped them maintain a 5.5 game lead in the NL East despite Currently swiping. -up pitching staff.

During the first few months of the 2022 campaign, the Mets took a consistent approach to the board. Part of this successful new approach can be attributed to new acquisitions such as Mark Kanha And the Starling Martalong with the mindset that Buck Showalter, Eric Chavez and the rest of the Mets coaches sought to instill within these Mets hitters.

This article will cover the New York Mets hitter numbers for the year 2022 so far in the season. All players on the list must have made at least 50 boards in 2022. The statistics used for the respective hitters were collected from baseball world.


Thomas Nido:

AB: 125

Slash: .224 / .263 / .248

HR: 0

RBI: 13

SB: 0

xBA: .230

xWOBA: .261

xSLG: 339

James McCann:

AB: 56

Slash: .196 / .266 / .286

HR: 1

RBI: 6

SB: 1

xBA: .245

xWOBA: 333

xSLG: .459

Analytics: The catcher is the shining weak point when it comes to batting in the Mets lineup. With McCann on IL since May 10, Nido and Patrick Mazeika really delivered no upswing when it came to offensive production. Meanwhile, McCann may not have been rocking a great racket himself, but his projected stats indicate some positive regression that he is expected to return from IL sometime this week.

first rule

Alonso’s house:

AB: 253

Slash: .277/ .357/ .542

Human Resources: 19

RBI: 64

SB: 2

xBA: .277

xWOBA: .357

xSLG: .542

Dominic Smith:

AB: 86

Slash: .166 / .287/ .256

HR: 0

RBI: 14

SB: 0

xBA: .213

xWOBA: .323

xSLG: .459

AnalyticsPete Alonso is not only a top bat in the Mets squad but in the entire National League. The NL RBI captain continues to build on a great start to the season, and the predictable stats are that he will only continue to perform at this level. Meanwhile, Dominic Smith was called back to the Mets yesterday after putting Seth Lugo on the paternity list. Hopefully Smith found his swing in his short stint at Syracuse that brought him more success earlier in his MLB career.

second rule

Jeff McNeill:

AB: 226

Slash: .327/ .386/ .465

Human Resources: 4

RBI: 33

SB: 2

xBA: .280

xWOBA: .371

xSLG: .415

Louis Gillorm:

AB: 130

Slash: .331 / .412 / .392

HR: 1

RBI: 7

SB: 1

xBA: .288

xWOBA: .347

xSLG: .412

Analytics: After a disappointing 2021 season, McNeil rebounded with a .327 average, which includes .371 AVG with runners, and .404 AVG with runners in the scoring position. Although expected stats suggest a regression may be coming, he has shown the ability to beat defensive alignment with soft ball strokes, which likely contributes to those numbers. Meanwhile, Luis Guillorme has been the Mets’ main utilitarian asset this season on both sides of the diamond, providing a steady bat and a stable glove around all positions on the field.


Francisco Lindor:

AB: 264

Slash: .242 / .321 / .417

Human Resources: 11

RBI: 52

SB: 8

xBA: .266

xWOBA: .345

xSLG: .460

Analytics: Francisco Lindor seems to have settled down. He’s been fairly stubborn with the bats this season, getting off to a bright start in April, before slowing down in May and June. A broken finger will probably contribute to the sluggish start in June so far for Lindor, but the numbers are still very strong overall, especially considering the value it brings on the other side of the diamond.

third rule

Eduardo Escobar:

AB: 239

Slash: .230 / .292 / .385

Human Resources: 5

RBI: 28

SB: 0

xBA: .236

xWOBA: .305

xSLG: .406

J.D. Davis:

AB: 133

Slash: .256 / .344 / .361

HR: 2

RBI: 14

SB: 1

xBA: .300

xWOBA: .393

xSLG: .531

Analytics: Eduardo Escobar has shown flashes this season and is arguably his best singles bat in 2022 so far with his San Diego tournament, but he hasn’t arrived as expected so far in the season. Although never known to get on the base, Escobar’s .677 OPS sits well short of his .741 OPS career, and the expected stats don’t suggest much improvement. In regards to JD Davis, he has been the “Savant Darling” for the Mets this season. His expected slow rate is second to the team behind Pete Alonso, but his starkly high strike rate and ball rate prevented him from taking on the role of DH on a full-time basis.


Mark Kanha:

AB: 192

Slash: .292 / .383 / .396

Human Resources: 5

RBI: 27

SB: 1

xBA: .257

xWOBA: .325

xSLG: .377

Brandon Nemo:

AB: 227

Slash: .269/ .364/ .414

Human Resources: 4

RBI: 21

SB: 0

xBA: .274

xWOBA: .349

xSLG: .430

Starling Mart:

AB: 238

Slash: .282 / .329/ .445

Human Resources: 7

RBI: 35

SB: 8

xBA: .263

xWOBA: .318

xSLG: .426

AnalyticsKana, Nemo and Marty are the consistent trio in the Mets squad this season. All three players have OPS located between .774 and .779. Talk about consistency. Nemo and Marte were a heavy blow to a one-to-two at the top of the standings, as Marte heated up after a tough start off the bat. Meanwhile, Canha has shown the ability to go all-around with his paddle, while still maintaining a top of the .383 OBP.

The Mets’ bats will look to continue to put the ball in play and take out every player over the course of the season. It is clear that the new manager and hitting coach have changed the hitters’ approach to the Mets for the better. With a staff that continues to recover slowly, it is important that the squad that leads the MLB average and base percentage continue to succeed throughout the summer months of the season.