How to bet on this NCAA Tournament Second Round Clash

Richmond vs. Providence Odds

The national perception appears to have been skewed toward the Iowa State vs. South Dakota game in the second round of the NCAA Championship. But March Madness had other plans, as both teams were sent to pack up after the opening round.

Providence now meets Richmond in the second round after both programs racked up impressive wins.

Ed Cooley made his show embracing the hype of everyone picking the famous underdog in South Dakota. Providence came to be inspired by the defensive end of the Earth and proved its critics wrong, something that has been done all season.

Now the brothers face Richmond, whose season has been on the line in their last five games. The Spiders needed to win the Atlantic 10 tournament to earn a ticket to the Big Dance, and they did just that by defeating Rhode Island, VCU, Dayton and Davidson.

Richmond managed to hold Iowa State by 21% in 29 attempts from behind the arc in the first round match.

This is expected to be another tight game between two veteran-led shows.

Richmond scored its first surprise of 12 annual seed Thursday afternoon. The Spiders managed to stop the shooting outside in Iowa, trapping the Hawkeyes at 21% of the depths.

Richmond has an experienced unit, starting with four seniors and one novice. Spiders have an offensive triple average double digits. Tyler Burton leads the group, placing 16 points while scoring 37% from behind the arc.

Jacob Gilyard runs the show at the lookout and has an amazing basketball IQ. He’s connected in 37% of his 254 attempts from behind the arc this season, and he’s been getting paid by the free throw streak.

Golden Grant, the 6-foot-10 striker, will be tasked with slowing Nate Watson’s pace.

Richmond plays with its season on the streak now for five games in a row. During that time, spiders ramped up their defense around their perimeter, keeping opponents 26% off their arc. This includes some of the best shooting teams in the nation at Iowa and Davidson.

Richmond’s defense has been modest this season, taking center stage with a two- and three-point defense. Spiders are strong in defense without making mistakes and you will need to keep Providence away from the easy points at the goal line.

Providence has been ignored by many throughout the season despite doing nothing but winning. These gains are not realized in an impressive manner at times, but nonetheless the brothers find a way to get them done.

The national narrative about Providence is that it is one of the luckiest teams in NCAA history thanks to its 11-2 record in games marked by five points or less. But at some point, we need to give Cooley credit for having the clutch gene.

Providence ranks sixth in the country in terms of experience, with a cohesive unit that has played together over the past few years. Watson is the software’s glue, averaging 14 points while firing 56% from the field. The 6-foot-10 big guy is the edge protector and safety unit of the defense.

The brothers have a lineup of outdoor shooters in AJ Reeves, Jared Bynum and Noah Horchler. The trio combined to hit 40% of their 387 shots from 3 shots this season.

Providence has a few defensive holes and plays quite a bit under Cooley. The group ranks within the top 50 in 3-point defense (31%) and 2-point defense (47%).

Like a first-round match, Providence will need to successfully defend the ocean, with Richmond taking 42% of shot attempts from depth.

Richmond vs. Providence

The Spiders deserve credit for capitalizing on their chances of winning the first round, but Iowa State was complete for no-shows. After possessing one of the most widespread crimes, the Hockey family was frozen from the depths and could never recover.

Providence also closed a prolific 3-point shooting team in South Dakota. The Jackrabbits ranked first in the country, making 44% of their three throws. Providence used her physical strength to hold it at 30% of depths and 44% in two-point attempts.

This game is destined to be lower score, close match, just as Providence likes it. The Monks will close Richmond’s medium-but large-sized marksmanship outside.

Offensively, Providence always has five legitimate on-field scoring options which can score in a variety of ways. The brothers would win the bouncing battle and find clutch buckets under the extension.

picking Providence -3 (play to -4)

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