If you didn’t buy Masters items, did you go to Masters?

Patrons line up to enter the Masters Golf Shop on Mondays at Augusta National.

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Augusta, GA – A good time to go to the Masters Golf Shop is when Tiger Woods is playing. It’s still busy, but less busy. Not that kind of busy outside and going around the corner. You have to go in the end. Everyone does it, so you should plan accordingly.

As you can see, Masters merch is one of the most sought after equipment in the golf world. Because let’s face it, if you go to masters and he did not do Get your Masters Polo, t-shirt, cup, hat, watch, ballpoint pen, keychain, koozie, zipper quarter, sweatshirt, wine glass, towel, bag of things Precious, coaster, umbrella or pet collar $17 Is that true So go to masters at all?

Augusta National’s golf shop is still fairly new. Most people call it a merchandise tent rather than a golf shop, but it’s a golf shop. Calling it a merch tent would be a slap in the face for the structure and the architect who built such a marvel.

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Anyway, the old golf shop was in the same general area but this new one is much bigger and more luxurious. If you can stand the line, which is actually moving really fast, you’re directed into a maze that walks you from one end to the other, back again, then again, and then around, before spitting you into the main entrance. The maze seems excessive, but it builds anticipation. Once in, grab a shopping bag – the easiest way to buy more stuff – and the mad dash, your very own personalized “Supermarket Sweep”, will begin.

Now, if you think following Tiger Woods among a crowd of patrons on his return to the Masters will make you claustrophobic, try buying the Polo Masters. Baby clothing lines are equally long, as all sizes of infants and toddlers cause headaches for parents.

Grandmas wander about checking the things on their Christmas menus wondering aloud if their son will use Masters cocktail glasses more than once a year, while nearby college kids think about the perfect metal sign to put in their rental home. An unparalleled tradition or a master’s motto? Who can decide?!

If you are bad at making decisions, a golf shop is not for you. There are dozens of different T-shirts and quads, and more than 150 types of hats. One hundred and fifty.

At the masters, everyone loves figurines.

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Want $75 of cufflinks that you’ll wear twice a year? You have a few to choose from. More than a dozen ties. Four types of coasters. There is a limited edition Arnold Palmer coin of $750, and while this would normally be a good time to joke about anyone paying too much for any four coins, the guy next to me had no problem doing exactly that.

Some of the best things are near the exit. Keychains, playing cards, and ball tags aren’t very expensive on their own, but they pick up a few and– bam! Another fifty dollars.

But the top seller? It’s those statues again. everybody He loves statues. They debuted a few Masters ago and different variations come out every year. This year they are gallery keeper dwarves, and according to the plugged cashier, they sold out in the first 10 minutes that were available on Monday. They had to limit how many people could buy and it still flew off the shelves each day they were restocked.

Someone put a golf towel back on the shelf only to have the patron come seconds later to devour it. The worker who restocks the towels says he does it often. Have a hard time guessing how many towels are sold per day. It doesn’t matter, no one will be left behind.

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