In classic playoff fashion, the Utah Jazz is leading the way to the Flaming Suns

A scratch late before the match started, Cam Payne was ruled out for a sore right knee, giving Aaron Holiday the key ball handling duties off the bench but that didn’t matter.

Despite dropping as much as 17 in the fourth quarter, the Phoenix Suns had one of their best wins of the season.

The Suns outperformed the Jazz 36-13 in the fourth quarter, a complete turnaround from the first three quarters’ struggles.

The Suns now have 64 wins and 32 road wins. His 32 road wins equal a league record for road wins in a single season.

first half:

The game started off pretty ugly with five consecutive fouls before Chris Paul finished off the scoring drought by opening his elbow wide. But for the Jazz, his drought wouldn’t end quite easily as they missed each of their first eight shots, and also caused two spins in that time slot.

The quarter wasn’t even halfway and looked like Suns Road as they led 11-0.

But as soon as Bogdanovic scored the first Utah basket in the game with an unbalanced hook shot, the Jazz began to come alive. Over the next four minutes, the Jazz scored 18 points on seven to ten shots (four three-pointers) to make it a six-point game.

Phoenix finished the quarter six years high and they were so lucky that they made it this far. Utah missed a few wide open three-pointers and due to Jordan Clarkson’s isolation, he was unable to capitalize on his five rebounds in this period.

Momentum remained with Utah in the second half as they opened the quarter-finals with back-to-back sinkings from Hernangomez and Goubert followed by a quick hit from Danuel House to tie the game at 30 points.

The second quarter looked like the opposite pole of the first as Phoenix was the team that couldn’t buy a basket. Their first quarter appearance came about five minutes into the period on an open immersion by Deandre Ayton.

The big key to jazz in the first half was playing off the bench. Utah had 26 points off the bench compared to 4 points.

Devin Booker took the job until 51-41 three minutes before the break. The writers scored 11 points in four straight times to give the Suns their first lead since the start of the quarter.

In the half, Utah Phoenix led 57-54.

the other half:

After those first few opening minutes of the game, the Jazz team never looked back. They started the second half hot, opening the quarter-finals at 15-6 to extend their lead to double digits once again on the backs of Mitchell and Bogdanovic.

The Suns’ struggles epitomized through a 3-on quick-break that somehow turned into a spin when Chris Paul’s stray pass from Booker’s hands bounced right out of bounds.

It took Booker nine minutes to get his first basket in the second half cutting the Jazz’s lead to eight.

Late in the third quarter, Booker stopped a shot and Utah’s Danielle House was called up for a shooting foul, but after coach Quinn Snyder was stabbed in the call, not only was the call reversed, the foul is now placed on Booker for kicking him with his legs.

That was a huge four-point swing for Utah who was already 12 points ahead at that point.

Calling the third quarter bad for Phoenix would be a huge understatement. Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.

In the final play of the quarter, Suns float forced Mike Conley to miss out only to end up as a single replay for Rudy Gobert. But then when his free throw missed, Utah secured the rebound and turned into three strokes by Jordan Clarkson.

One way or another, the time wasted increased the Suns’ deficit from 12 to 17 and the match ended completely.

or was it?

Phoenix clearly can’t (and doesn’t want) the concept of losing matches as they opened the fourth match at 10-3 to make the game within 10.

Halfway through the quarter, it was only an eight-point match and Booker hadn’t seen the floor yet.

After an 11-0 rally by the Suns, Utah led by just two minutes four minutes from the end of the game and anyone was taking it. Phoenix didn’t have any bets on this game but they still play like their life is on the line.

After being nearly invisible for most of the match, Michael Bridges took the ball off the three-point line and made a superb shot and under layup through the defensive player three times a year Joubert to tie the game at 98. The Suns had the Meteorite momentum on their side.

With less than two minutes left in the game, the Suns secured their first lead in the second half on flowing bridges with less than 90 seconds remaining.

The nail in Utah’s coffin came again from no. 25 When Bridges took one corner kick to give the Suns a lead with possession and the match was over.

Even the Jazz Twitter account proactively prepared for this inevitable meltdown.

In a no-nonsense game that Phoenix would have given up, they played their starts and achieved the sudden road victory. Tonight of all nights, The Suns proved that they are ready for the final match because they always take their opponents very seriously, even if they don’t.

The final result: 105