It was a huge success for him in Louisville

Julius Randle did not change sides in his old rivalry with the college.

But moving forward, the former Kentucky basketball star will have more fond feelings for Louisville.

This ensured that the Cardinals hired new coach Kenny Payne.

Randle, a striker at the New York Knicks — where he trained Paine as an assistant before leaving this week for a job in Louisville — has worked with Paine as a professional and collector. Payne was an assistant to John Calipari in Kentucky for 10 years, including Randle’s only season there in 2013-14.

“KP, man, this guy is incredible, brother, and he’s going to have a tremendous amount of success there in Louisville, even though it’s the red school,” Randell told reporters Friday after the Knicks’ win over the Washington Wizards in New York. “I still bleed blue, but I love this man to death, my brother, and I will do everything in my power to help him achieve success, because you are talking about someone who deserves it, it is him.”