It’s championship or bankruptcy for the Nets

The Nets may be eighth in the East and stuck in play after the All-Star break, but that didn’t affect their confidence.

General Manager Sean Marks declared the goal still a championship, while Kyrie Irving’s message to the rest of the league was along the stretch: Watch out for Brooklyn.

“Championship. That is it. I’m going to do 17 players and 60 teammates there,” Marks said to a group of season ticket holders.

“We have an amazing royal suite with Joe Tsai – talk about putting your chips in the middle. He has supported us and we have been supporting and he continues to support us. So from that perspective, we know what our expectations are.”

They will stop working for them.

The Brooklyn schedule’s remaining strength is the 13th toughest in the league, according to Tankathon, and only four of the 23 remaining schedules are against teams outside the playoffs or playoffs.

Keri Irving
NBAE via Getty Images

This did not dampen Irving’s hopes at all.

“I’m just saying, just watch our team after the break. Like, just watch. Just watch,” Irving can be seen saying in a Twitch broadcast on Monday night.

“That’s a great downtime right now before things start to come back up again. I think there are about 20 singles games left. I’m telling you all, look. Just watch….God willing we’re healthy and everything is on.” Okay. “

Part of everything that works well is for Irving to become eligible to play home games, either by vaccinating (which seems unlikely at the moment) or raising New York City’s mandates.

Currently he is only eligible to play in eight of Brooklyn’s 23 remaining regular season games, and due to a ban on road games at the Knicks and Raptors, one of his last eight.

However, with Chicago lifting their visors at the end of this month, how optimistic is Marks about seeing Irving play at home sometime this season?

“Yes, I have to be an optimist, like everyone here. We all know what’s at stake here. If you turn on CNN or BBC or Fox or whatever your flavor is, you’ll see how everything changes, right?” Marks said. We are beginning to see life return to normal. … Vaccine rates are clearly high. So I am optimistic. I must be optimistic. I think that’s the only way to look at this.”

Marks said the credit for recruiting Goran Dragic should go to Steve Nash, who was the veteran goalkeeper’s mentor at Phoenix. He took on a leading role during their show in Florida.

“I have to give Steve full credit for this, without a doubt,” Marks said. “We were with Goran in Miami over the weekend, and we spent some time with him for a little while, and it was really interesting to see the relationship that Goran and Steve have, the mutual respect between them and the respect Goran really has for Steve for so many years.”