“It’s over, the Warriors will not be champions! »

Steph Curry’s recent injury has rocked the Warriors’ planet and could heavily influence the end of the regular season. Worse still, according to a famous consultant, their playoff campaign would already be doomed!

For a few hours, the Warriors and their fans were seriously shocked, fearing to see the main star of the franchise suffer a major physical failure. More fear than harm in the end for steph curryHe played quickly in the game against the Celtics and forced to join the locker room. His participation in the playoffs does not seem to be in question according to the latest information from Adrian Wojnarowski.

However, the Chief should miss a good part, if not all, of the end of the regular season after this injury. A certain setback for Steve Kerr, who will have to prepare for the postseason without his handyman offensively. The team’s position, currently 3rd in the West (47-23), should not, however, experience major upheavals by then. However, some are already very defeatist with Dubs!

Kendrick Perkins fatalist for the Warriors

Barring another disaster, Golden State should be able to count on its Big Three, namely Steph, Klay Thompson and Dramond Green, for the final stages. An exciting omen, which still does not reassure Kendrick Perkins. on the set of first takethe former center expressed his concern for the Californians, whose chances of lifting the Larry O’Brien trophy would now be zero according to him!

Of course it’s over for the Warriors. And it’s not because of Steph, Klay and Draymond’s lack of playing time this season. These three have been playing together since the beginning of their careers. They know how to find the chemistry. But that’s about the others!

For Perk, it’s the fluctuating use of role players that could get costly in the weeks to come!

When Steve Kerr got upset the other night with Marcus Smart, of course it was to protect Steph Curry, but it was mainly because he only has 12 games left this season to find his rotations, from continuity and alchemy. When you get to that time of year as a head coach, you want to have players who know their role and where they fit into the team.

That’s why I say that with Steph Curry injured and out until the start of the playoffs, I really think the Warriors won’t be champions this season. Final point.

The Jordan Poole and another Jonathan Kuminga, logically inexperienced in the playoffs given their young age, and role models alongside the trio of stars, could thus cause the loss of Curry & Co.!

Everything is still open in the title race, and yet Kendrick Perkins is already eliminating the Warriors from the debates following Steph Curry’s injury. An opinion that Chef and his teammates will surely try to prove wrong!