Jackson called Mahomes by working on TikTok

Jackson Mahomes appears to be at the center of another internet controversy.

Rare Munchiez, a retailer that specializes in exotic foods and drinks, called out the Chiefs quarterback’s younger brother Patrick Mahomes, claiming he “scammed” the company.

In a video recently posted on Rare Munchiez’s TikTok page, the company claimed that Jackson had reached out to them, with the company agreeing to send him a sponsorship package. The clip also shows what appear to be direct messages between Jackson and Rare Munches, who have asked TikToker to tag them on social media when receiving rewards.

Jackson Mahomes, younger brother of centrist leader Patrick Mahomes, was recently called up on social media by Rare Munchiez
Instagram / Jackson Mahomes
Jackson Mahomes responded to Rare Munchiez's TikTok video in the comments
Jackson Mahomes responded to Rare Munchiez’s TikTok video in the comments
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In the alleged conversation with Jackson, Rare Munches said the package was sent on February 1, and it appears the package was delivered days later. In follow-up letters, Rare Munchiez asks, “Did you receive it,” “When are you going to post us on your story,” and “Are you ignoring us or did you not receive the box? A simple answer would be great.”

Jackson, who was the focus of some controversy this past NFL season, responded to Rare Munchiez’s post in the comments section, saying, “I haven’t received anything from these guys…”

This isn’t the first time a business has publicly called out for Jackson. Back in December, a Kansas City institution accused him of acting under a title.

Jackson with his older brother Patrick Mahomes
Jackson with his older brother Patrick Mahomes
Instagram / Jackson Mahomes
Jackson and Brittany Matthews on the sidelines of the Chiefs matches last season
Jackson and Brittany Matthews on the sidelines of the Chiefs game last season
Instagram / Jackson Mahomes

Jackson, as well as his future sister-in-law, Brittany Matthews, were the subject of a rumor in the NFL last week, with Rich Orenberger, a former player-turned-sports host, claiming that Mahomes had asked the pair not to attend Chiefs games next season. , claiming that their “sideways actions are detrimental to his brand”.

Ohrnberger has since deleted his original message on Twitter, while Mahomes later chirp“You’re just making stuff up these days.”

Randy Mahomes, the head of the family, also leveled her criticism on Friday amid allegations of the family being banned. Meanwhile, Jackson has made it clear that he is looking forward to the 2022 NFL season.

“I can’t wait for next year’s games!!” He captioned a TikTok video of himself dancing on the sidelines.