Jalen Carter given Georgia’s third-highest pass rush win rate since 2014 per PFF

Entering the 2022 season, the Georgia Bulldogs are tasked with replacing three first-round picks along the defensive line after Travon WalkerJordan Davis and Devonty White He left for the NFL. The good news is that the Bulldogs have another defensive line man who has proven more than capable of delivering elite play.

according to Focus on professional footballAnd the junior height Galen Carter He had the third-highest winning pass rate in dash (18.9 percent) last season from any Georgia defensive player since the shooter started scoring. Leonard Floyd It was 27.9 percent higher than the 2015 season, with Aziz Ogulari The next, 24 percent, from the 2020 season. The main difference here, other than these two players playing as pure defenders, is that those were the last shows for Floyd and Ogulare in Georgia uniforms, as they both headed to the NFL the following spring. Carter returns for his third season as one of Georgia’s defense leaders.

Carter exits a college football playoff game in which the second student made six tackles in the two wins, along with eight rushes in the middle and a blocking kick. The coaches’ second All-SEC pick in all 15 games in 2021, starting two games, and finishing with 37 tackles and 27 center-back presses, is good for the second-best in the team. He made three quarterback sacks, was third in the team with 8.5 tackles to lose, saved two kicks, and has a pass breakup. Carter is entering his third season after playing in 25 games, with four starts, with a total of 51 tackles, 11.5 tackles for a loss, three sacks, a pass, three blocking kicks, and a one-yard catch.

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