JJ Reddick calls Zion Williamson his “detached mate” after hearing he hasn’t contacted new Pelican CJ McCollum

Having been traded by the Portland Trail Blazers to the New Orleans Pelicans ahead of the trade deadline, guard CJ McCollum recently said the only player he hasn’t heard from since the deal was new teammate Zion Williams. However, since his interview on TNT during All-Star Weekend, McCollum said that Williamson has reached out to him and the two have spoken, according to Malika Andrews from ESPN Tuesday.

The big man hasn’t played at all this season as he’s had several setbacks in rehab after foot surgery, most recently recovering from the team in Portland. Williamson did not contact McCollum directly after the not-so-good trade with former Pelicans J.J. Riddick, who found the whole situation “crazy”.

“That’s a little crazy to me,” Riddick said Tuesday on ESPN’s “First Take.” “There’s a general attitude that you have to apply as a teammate.” “I wasn’t the best player in any team I’ve been on, but if there’s an acquisition potential, a trade potential, I’ll always keep in touch with my teammates. It just shows a complete lack of investment in your team, in the organization in the city. I understood that [Zion] You got hurt and away from the team, but you just traded one of the top 50 players in the league. A man who is meant to be paired up with you. Reach out and say hi.”

The 15-year-old retired NBA veteran also said Williamson’s behavior is not surprising based on his experience playing with the young striker for half a season.

“This is a pattern of behavior with Zion that we see over and over again,” Riddick said. “I was his teammate. I can describe him as a separate teammate. This is an accurate statement. This is the basic level of humanity as a teammate. Text a guy when he is being exchanged with your team. This is just normal behavior. This is the bare minimum you have to do And the Pelicans sent an email yesterday for next year’s season tickets, and guess who wasn’t named in the email? Zion. What’s going on in New Orleans?”

Riddick is right. swan act recently Email Season Tickets Brandon Ingram, McCollum, and Jonas Valanciunas are cited to show that New Orleans is “building something special”. Oddly enough, Williamson, who was the #1 overall pick in 2019 and best player on the team when he was healthy, is not mentioned in this email to send to potential season ticket holders. It strongly suggests that all may not be well between Williamson and the Pelican. Although the former Duke producer eventually reached out to McCollum, he wasn’t in contact with his new teammate until after it was announced.

This isn’t the first time some issues have been reported with the Pelicans and Williamson. Over the summer, it was reported that the Williamson family was unhappy with the direction of the franchise, and wanted him in a different band. While that didn’t come directly from Pelican Clash, his family speaks negatively about the organization still being imperfect. If Redick’s portrayal of Williamson is accurate as a “detached teammate”, that also doesn’t help quell thoughts into thinking he might want to play elsewhere.